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Post by Guest,

2174316475 started getting calls yesterday - didnt answer - he called once more today, i still didn't answer Probably a phone scam, use caution

Post by Sarah,

217-431-6475 Repeated calling - No message

Post by Guest,

2174316475 This guy ain't right in the head - He claims to be from Microsoft and says my computer has a problem - A few months ago he claimed to work for the Treasury Department and said he would dispatch agents to my house if I did not send money - He has a foreign voice, probably Indian or Arab - His English is passable, but not good - He called last night and after I told him he was a liar, he did not work for Microsoft he said he was going to have sex with my wife -

Post by Guest,

217-431-6475 Got a call from man with accent saying he was from Microsoft and that I had a problem with my computer - I answered, what does that mean? Ma'am, there is a problem with the windows operating system when u turn on the computer - - Again, what does that mean? Ma'am can you turn on ur computer - - What does that mean? Ma'am are u the owner of the computer - - What does that mean? Finally he hung up - That was fun

Post by R,

2174316475 Called at : Saturday morning from Illinois, no message -

Post by Guest,

217-431-6475 This caller is always calling and when I answer they hang up - It's a nuisance and I'm tired of it - They need to knock it off -

Post by Excalibre,

2174316475 Called twice while I was at work -  The individual left no messages -  The call happened :pm cst -  Be wary -

Post by David,

217-431-6475 Calls everyday at different times but hangs up

Post by Guest,

2174316475 called me three times just this morning with no message - Leave me alone Scammers

Post by Guest,

217-431-6475 I get several calls each and every day------there is never anyone on the other end Pain in the butt-----but with "magic jack" , I have no way of simply putting this number into a "call blocked folder, that I'm aware of - If somebody knows how to block this-----as well as a dozen of other "ROBO calls", please leave a comment - Thanks

Post by Guest,

2174316475 How dare you call me at : pm - Idiots - - -scam - - -spam - -Do not answer this number These people need to be stopped -

Post by Annie,

217-431-6475 keeps on calling, doesn't speak, the first time I answered, he told me I had a virus in my computer and he would fix it, I said no thanks and hang up - he phoned again and said f****@@@@k that I would regret it and hung up - He is still calling again - times now

Post by Brian,

2174316475 Claimed to be from microsoft - For fun I let him talk - he took me to event viewer I kept telling him nothing was in there because I'm sure thats where he would attempt to exploit - - after awhile he said get lost and hung up -Do not share any information with this individual

Post by judy,

217-431-6475 got a couple of hang ups from the number, and finally I decided to answer - The voice on the other end said, in an Indian accent: "Good morning, my name is Paul from -----?---- - This call is about your computer -" I answered, "what computer, I don't even have a computer -" He promptly hung up on me -

Post by A,

2174316475 Calling and never leaves messages - Calls multiple times

Post by Earl,

217-431-6475 I did not answer, they did not leave a message - Out Of Area on caller ID -

Post by Donna,

2174316475 Keeps calling, no message, uses minutes

Post by BB,

217-431-6475 Have received calls from this Rufus Williams repeatedly -  I decided to answer today -   He had an accent could barely understand what he was saying, I did understand him saying that my computer was corrupt and needed to be fixed, told him it was not that my son had installed new spyware virus protection -  He said it was, told him my son's profession is computers -  He hung up and I called that number back and recording said it was a none working number -  I hope that people are not falling for this scam -

Post by Steven,

2174316475 Second time in less than hours that this number called -  It came up on the call log as "Rufus Williams" the first time and "Williams Rufus" the second -

Post by g,

217-431-6475 Keeps calling - - No one there when u answer -  pain in the a - -

Post by gary,

2174316475 claim my computer is infected,i need to turn it on and he would talk me thru the process -speak with an indian accent -

Post by Guest,

217-431-6475 someone claiming that my computer has a virus, won't say what company he's from

Post by Guest,

2174316475 This number has called several times during the past week - Caler ID just displays the number and "Danville IL" - I never answer numbers i do not recognize, and this caller never leaves a voice mail - When I call back (number blocked) I get a recording saying the number has been disconnected, followed by a recording saying the wireless customer is not available - How shady is that? Blocked the number - Problem solved -

Post by T,

217-431-6475 Called to say that my Windows computer was infected - I don't own a Windows based computer -  Same conversation as Gary reported on on March -  I told him that I was reporting the number and he hung up -  Appears to be a scam - if your computer is not infected, my guess is that it would be if you followed his instructions -

Post by C,

2174316475 Called, could tell he had an Indian accent, said Hello and then call got disconnected -

Post by Earl,

217-431-6475 First call this morning - Left no message -

Post by Kris K,

2174316475 Missed the call -  No message -  Obvious scam as per your info -

Post by Guest,

217-431-6475 This number keeps calling and hangs up once i answer

Post by Guest,

2174316475 I have started receiving blank calls from this number - It is very annoying - Please Block this number or trace the owner … I think this all is related to the spam related to the free rewards from Federal department - They should be traced and punished - Many innocent users can fall to this trap -

Post by Guest,

217-431-6475 calls once or twice a day, but nobody there if I answer - Also, if I call back, I get the operator recorded message that the number has been disconnected, even if I call right back (in an attempt to get on a do not call list or to speak with someone) -

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