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Post by Doofus,

2174831385 Impersonating a Federal Agent is a felony -  Call the local FBI field office and ask to file a complaint -   It probably won't go anywhere, but it might make you feel better -   Did they call you on your cell phone?   On Android cell phones (perhaps others as well) there is a program you can download that automatically makes recordings of all inbound and outbound calls -  See if you can get that, and record all incoming calls -  If you can get them to say they are federal agents, that is a felony -  If you can get them to say they are going to file criminal charges, that is a violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act -  Find a lawyer in your town who specializes in consumer law -  They will take the case on contingency (you don't pay unless you win), will get the debt discharged, and collect for you -  The is by statute, and that is the amount you will receive -  Your lawyer will also collect attorney's fees from the creditor, separate from your -If you do get them on a recording impersonating a Federal Agent, take that recording to your local FBI office -  Someone will go to Prison for that -   The legality of recording calls without permission is a complicated matter -  Whether or not the recording is admissible as evidence or not depends on a few things, such as what expectation of privacy there is -  However, most collections agencies screw up and say "this call may be recorded -"   The use of the word "may" can be construed to imply that they are giving you permission to record it -  :)

Post by Guest,

217-483-1385 POLICE

Post by bobby,

2174831385 how do you block your # -calls from them every day -x

Post by Guest,

217-483-1385 Roboscam asks u to press under various pretexts - - to talk real person, to be removed from list - - more likely u just agreed to receive robot calls -

Post by Kim,

2174831385 They do not leave message and call times an hour all day long - -

Post by Guest,

217-483-1385 Called and did not leave message

Post by Guest,

2174831385 I have been receiving voicemails from this number for the last months and have been unable to get this to stop

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