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Post by Guest,

2177788065 they keep calling and never left a message. when I answered today and asked who they were they said 'we are a data collection agency. We are just checking if this is a good number to reach ..... at for another business." When I asked what business they hung up. So I'm not sure who they really are or checking for.

Post by Mary,

217-778-8065 Because ThePetRescue is a scam - as documented in several places - says this is a: LEVEL 3 COMMUNICATIONS - POSSIBLE SKYPE, VONAGE OR OTHER VOIP PHONE ... -lost-pet-home/The company is just a front - no one looks for the missing pets, no clinics/vets/shelters etc in the area are advised of the missing pet.  This is indeed, a scam.

Post by Sam,

2177788065 UPDATE. California is cracking down on curbstoners, because most of these cars are being "flipped", which is unlicensed sellers buying dirt cheap cars from auction, police seizures, insurance collision claims, salvaged and rebuilt etc, and selling them on the side of road (at the curbstone) for a couple of thousand dollars.  Many are unsafe with no legitimate repairs made, just some shiny new paint, if even that is done. The person selling will NEVER be the same person on registration/title.  THIS IS A HUGE RED FLAG!!!  Targeted buyers are the people least able to afford to lose their money on a bad and/or unsafe deal.  Seller says they will send title "tomorrow". Tomorrow never comes. Google "curbstoner" to learn more about this potential nightmare.  Buyers find out that there serious problems with cars, or titles have liens, faulty engines/drivetrains, patched up collision work, or way overdue registrations.  These scammers also frequently use Craigslist for their dirty work.  A current listing for the Firebird is provided below.For the cars parked at Valley Circle Blvd/Victory Boulevard in Woodland Hills by the same curbstoner, here is information on them.  Hopefully, this posting will save someone from being ripped off.(1) 1996 (1997?) Pontiac Firebird convertible (black paint, black top), CA license plate 3UGH990,VIN: 2G2FS32K9V2201202Craigslist listing: 1996 Ford Windstar minivan (color: beige), CA license plate 3PXR120, VIN: 2FMDA5149TBA49340(3) 1993 Cadillac Seville STS (color: white), CA license plate 3EHA463, VIN: 1G6KY5292PU836473Seller phone number on window signs: 310-924-5812Location: southwest corner of intersection of Valley Circle Boulevard and Victory Boulevard, next to the Chevron station (24336 Victory Boulevard, Woodland Hills, CA 91367). This is in the west San Fernando Valley, a suburb of Los Angeles.Seller phone number on window signs: 310-924-5812

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