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2178971502 they Dont say nothing when they call n when u call the number back there saying its a none working number Guest 8 2015-12-10 21:56:50
2173587274 Shedlock Guest 7 2015-12-09 23:43:51
2178019152 Some bull about wiping all credit debt clean Guest 255 2015-11-04 20:29:50
2175722347 sorry not available Guest 6 2015-12-10 21:55:36
2175204955 Received a call from this number while was talking on other line. Jeff 6 2015-12-08 15:06:03
2176627384 Message said to call this number. Left a name and said he was an officer with the DEA and I needed to call as part of an open investigation they were doing. NOT Guest 2 2015-11-04 20:38:49
2175535604 Called and hung up without leaving a message. Guest 4 2015-12-10 21:55:33
2175244720 They say that they are ABC Action News but just another solicitor Guest 4 2015-12-10 21:55:26
2178536038 they give you a near worthless prize for your time if you show up and let them try to talk you in to buying a package deal at their resort. they are ruthless.   they are no different from the time-share sellers ....  vultures looking for prey.. tony 8 2015-12-14 04:08:41
2173647114 This number calls me once a day and never leaves a message. BLOCKED Guest 4 2015-11-04 20:50:48
2173774926 I picked up the phone and no one was on the other end. Guest 7 2015-12-18 18:23:22
2177758654 Said had a complaint against my name and SS# fake Guest 8 2015-12-10 01:05:10
2178028260 One call - an Asian sounding man who mentioned a school, open house, and a free vacation. Guest 6 2015-12-16 11:47:21
2172220492 People from amazon wanting to know if I am interested in starting a home business. Guest 1 2015-11-04 21:24:48
2174216990 this is solicitation, mark it as so. The girl on the phone seemed so surprsed when I told her no, I don't even want her paper for free. It is runby a couple of good ole boys who misuse and abuse what little power they have with this paper by only printing safe" letters, letters that support their opinions, etc. Guest 4 2015-11-04 21:24:48
2178946350 i just revieved this letter that you all have recieved mine was from a bank called indymacbank out of california i called the bank and they said they are in no way offiliated with this company and is a scam so i googled the number and came across this site so thank god i did research on it before i did anything the weird thing is i actually did enter an online gaming contest that was valid lol so i thougth thiswas my winnings hahha daniel 4 2015-12-18 17:18:58
2178769183 calls all the time and it is not for me it is for some one else Guest 7 2015-11-04 21:32:50
2172552834 Hoe Guest 1 2015-11-04 21:42:48
2178409856 Spam, not really Google. Guest 6 2015-12-15 01:44:03
2172374333 All morning long don't know who this... But it's getting very annoying. Guest 4 2015-12-16 19:52:11
2178533092 They call and say they are with windows and our computers have viruses and it's alway a different person Guest 20 2015-11-04 21:48:50
2177668890 yuttyr Guest 7 2015-12-16 03:01:10
2178913750 she is a stalker she won't leave me alone for nothing I dont like her at all Guest 1 2015-11-04 21:50:50
2173472340 Call place looking for a friend of mine Guest 1 2015-11-04 21:55:48
2176931426 scammers Guest 8 2015-12-18 22:19:47
2173436044 I was contacted one night at : AM from several rude folks at this number. They threatened my address with Arson and sent a cab to my house. I recommend calling the police asap if these folks contact you. Guest 8 2015-12-15 00:16:24
2178019555 It's Bankers Life and Casualty trying to offer me a job. It's not a scam, but they work people like idiots and if you don't sell anything you don't get paid Guest 4 2015-11-04 22:11:50
2175962311 Block this call.. Guest 5 2015-11-04 22:20:49
2172207474 Virus Guest 2 2015-11-04 22:30:48
2176195922 playing on phone Guest 6 2015-12-20 22:31:15
2176662720 This number has called my cell phone multiple times over the last couple of weeks. I haven't answered and there hasn't been a vm until today. Sounded like a recording (male voice) saying "hello, are you there?" three times. Phone number shows up in Chrisman, IL. No idea. Guest 3 2015-11-04 22:37:49
2176901456 IT IS A DEBT COLLECTOR AND THEY CALL ME TIME A DAY WATCH OUT Guest 6 2015-12-20 02:18:50
2178170012 Text Guest 2 2015-11-04 22:53:50
2178411927 Calls frequently. Nothing when answered. When I call it back, it says the number has been disconnected. Doesn't leave voicemail. Guest 7 2015-12-09 05:29:40
2178763800 nuisance that wont stop calling Guest 10 2015-11-04 23:02:50
2174332473 Stood me up twice in one day. Guest 9 2015-12-14 19:40:07
2176661580 repeated calls throughout the day--no answer when picked up Guest 2 2015-11-04 23:11:49
2178624277 ????? Text Guest 11 2015-11-04 23:19:50
2177253990 Calls every day cell and home phone and never leaves message. Hangs up. Guest 6 2015-12-21 03:30:53
2174073137 Never ever leaves a message Guest 9 2015-12-16 12:31:52
2177067317 They called me back to back times, I answered the rd time, hard to understand and I yelled at them to remove my number before they get me fired and hung up on them. He really didn't have a chance to say much. This is the st series of calls I received from them. They do not leave messages they just hang up and call back again and again. I hear there is nothing that can be done about them so you will have to block each number they call from if they call your cell number Guest 25 2015-11-04 23:40:49
2178755181 The best Electrical Contractors in Decatur, IL and all surrounding areas. Electrical Contractors, Service Electrician, Commercial Electrician, Emergency Electrician, Electrician. Guest 7 2015-11-04 23:46:50
2178064601 online survey Guest 68 2015-11-04 23:54:50
2172150144 Junk cars Guest 7 2015-12-16 14:22:15
2177893904 Got this number in a scam email supposedly sent from order confirmation for Kindle order. Mary 4 2015-12-20 07:55:30
2177106338 Thank you for tonight.. You made me feel beautiful again. Jun @ :am Guest 1 2015-11-05 00:14:49
2175307163 They hang up before I can answer and when I call back its dead air. Guest 1 2015-11-05 00:16:49
2174029918 Comcast telemarketing Guest 9 2015-12-19 13:41:24
2176175252 stalker Guest 5 2015-12-16 13:52:54
2177593933 Rude caller swore continually at me Guest 36 2015-11-05 00:33:50