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Post by pearlie johnson,

2183011941 This is the third call i got today but this time i didnt answer

Post by Guest,

218-301-1941 They call back to back

Post by Guest,

2183011941 immediately disconnected on answer - spam

Post by Nana,

218-301-1941 This person keeps calling has an indian accent - Trying to get personal information from me -

Post by Guest,

2183011941 Dirtbags call @ am CA time to pitch their dumb scam - Said yes to everything they said until they hung up -

Post by Guest,

218-301-1941 I told them on different occasions I have not had surgery - Called the number back today and it said to push any key to be removed - I will see if it works

Post by Guest,

2183011941 spam

Post by Guest,

218-301-1941 may I speak to - -? shes not available, can I take a message? *click*

Post by Nikki,

2183011941 I have been called multiple times and a man with an indian accent wants to know if I have had a bladder sling, vaginal mesh and something else I tell him no and wants to know if I am sure - I'm pretty sure I know what I have and don't have - then wanted to know if my child has had something - how do we get them to stop calling bc then I yell and tell them not to call me anymore and then they hang up -

Post by Tom Wilson,

218-301-1941 They will not quit calling

Post by Dirk,

2183011941 Called me today at : AM AZ time asked for "Maria" or some similar sounding name -  He apologized and hung up -  I thought he had a Mexican accent -

Post by tripn,

218-301-1941 I get calls CONSTANTLY from this company -  If you call the number back it says you can press any key to be removed from the list -  That doesn't work -  I usually get calls from them times a day -  Same middle eastern accent that everyone else gets -  I've tried asking for a supervisor and they hang up on me -  I tell them that I have not had any surgeries and they yelled at me and told me that I'm missing out on money from our government -  So one day I actually made up information and said "yes" I did have Vaginal implant surgery -  I made up all the answers and was actually transferred to an American person to go over and confirm the information -  I tried to inform the American lady that I was tired of them calling and that I ONLY said I had the surgeries to get them to quit calling me -  I STILL get calls  I'm not sure how to get this to stop -  Even when I blocked the different numbers they called me from with different state area codes I would still get voicemails -  I'm not sure how to report this to anyone but it is VERY annoying

Post by Me,

2183011941 Called me today and I noticed health survey on my caller ID - Didnot speak with them -

Post by Rays,

218-301-1941 Keep getting calls from this phone number -  Have not answered any of them -

Post by Guest,

2183011941 Harassing phone calls; they don't speak English very well - Next time I'm going to get my whistle and blow it loudly into the phone - Maybe then they'll get a clue and not call me back

Post by Pete from Philly,

218-301-1941 Some Indian with a heavy accent called -  I kept telling him that I didn't understand him, even though I did -  I made him repeat everything dozens of times till he got pissed and hung up -

Post by Helen G,

2183011941 I keep getting calls from this number but it is just music playing it seems, and they hang up -  I am on the do not call list also -  Wish there was a way to stop these kinds of calls -

Post by Guest,

218-301-1941 spam

Post by Guest,

2183011941 Unwanted phone call -

Post by Rache,

218-301-1941 I added myself to the do not call list after having to deal with this number for MONTHS - Make a complainthttps: complaints -donotcall -gov complaint complaintcheck -aspx

Post by Cozette,

2183011941 Says Health Survey on caller ID -  Indian accent, tried to tell me I have had bladder mesh surgery, NO, then birth control issues, NO, then if my daughter had open heart surgery  How the hell did he know that my daughter had open heart surgery?  I don't know where they are getting their information but I do not like it one bit  We have some serious privacy issues in this country and we better open our eyes and fast

Post by Guest,

218-301-1941 I too am being harassed with these calls - these people need to be stopped

Post by tab,

2183011941 A man calling with an accent saying he is James Cooper from Medical Compensation Dept -, I have asked him times to take me off the listing and stop calling - I am not interested but he keeps calling -

Post by Pat,

218-301-1941 a man with an Indian accent also -asking me if i had vaginal mesh surgery -no -i have told him times -then asks if i had children -i asked him NOT to call again then hung up - -he immediatley called back -i did not answer -

Post by Brian,

2183011941 Just another try to scam you, something about a dirty turbin

Post by gg,

218-301-1941 If you have Time Warner Cable bundle including your land line, you can block up to #s -  When you answer their call, ask them to hold on, have a whistle handy and blow it into the phone -

Post by Melanie,

2183011941 Received calls from this number -  Never leave a message -

Post by Mark Van Auken,

218-301-1941 if you get the calls on a cell phone, get RiffWare Do Not Disturb -You'll never know they tried - -

Post by Guest,

2183011941 they keep calling when you answer they hang up when you call them back the operator says you cant get this number

Post by marie garr,

218-301-1941 Some guy with an East Indian accent told me he was from some Department of - - and that I might have some compensation coming from my bladder surgery - First call I told him I never had bladder surgery - He then went down a list of medical surgeries and I told  him I never had any of those and he finally hung up - The second time someone called-same East Indian accent, I pretended to be extremely upset that he had my private medical files and demanded to know how he got my medical files and that it was illegal - I pretended to get really up set, yelling that I wanted to know how he got my private medical information and that I was going to get an attorney - He hung up - But today, the number showed up again on my phone and I would not answer it - They are really stupid Another time I turned the tables and tried to sell them something and sat the phone down and let him talk - Finally just as I picked it up to see if he was still there, he said "F - - you -" and hung up Wonder where they get these losers

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