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Tips and tricks check WHO CALLED from 218-331-4483

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Post by Guest,

2183314483 This number is on the Do Not Call list - Do not call - You are blocked

Post by Guest,

218-331-4483 Hung up as soon as I said Hello

Post by Guest,

2183314483 Freaks

Post by Guest,

218-331-4483 I want this person to STOP CALLING ME - I DO HAVE CALLER I -D -

Post by Guest,

2183314483 Ridiculous - Topical LLC?

Post by Guest,

218-331-4483 this person terrified my family

Post by Guest,

2183314483 They have called a few times and never talked I kept saying hello but hoever it was never answered me and then eventually hung up

Post by Guest,

218-331-4483 this number has continued to call me at least times a day for the last month or so with the same annoying message saying please stay on the line we have a personal business matter to discuss , and once someone answers the phone they are trying to sell pain cream select the number on an iPhone and go down to block number will never call me again

Post by Guest,

2183314483 trash spam

Post by Guest,

218-331-4483 Person calls several times a month - You have the choice to accept the pain cream or not to accept it - I select not to accept and the call is disconnected - However, the same person calls back within a few weeks -

Post by JoshB,

2183314483 recorded message saying something about prescription pain management, press to talk to someone -

Post by Guest,

218-331-4483 : central time, marked urgent message, did not recognize area code so did not answer the call, as it interrupts daily activities - I see that this number is on your worst offender list over the last days, so thanks for listing those and having this website -

Post by Ryan,

2183314483 Call saying I qualified for government subsidized topical prescription - - pressed # to supposedly be taken off the list - - I won't hold my breathe

Post by Bob,

218-331-4483 unsolicited call from this number -   when called number back, message said they have topical pain relief gel that i might be interested in, based on my web searches on Xfinity internet -  How would they access this information, let alone get my unlisted home phone number?   Xfinity must be watching their customers internet browsing and selling them off to telemarketers -   Number is now blocked - fortunately we have that feature -

Post by Guest,

2183314483 telemarketing selling RX -

Post by Debbie S.,

218-331-4483 Same thing happened to me - -I answered and a man said loudly Hello Hello and hung up - -not once but twice and then called two more times - -once from a private number and again from unknown caller -

Post by Guest,

2183314483 did not answer : A -M -

Post by Brit,

218-331-4483 [***] this number, add to reject list

Post by Jim R,

2183314483 I called back and listened to the recording - I pressed and was transferred to a man who wanted my information - Let's make their life a living hell -

Post by Guest,

218-331-4483 This is a call from the scam offering insurance approved topical pain management - This story was on national news about a month ago and is apparently still going on - HAND UP DO NOT APPROVE ANYTHING ON THIS CALL Your insurance can be fraudulently charged thousands of dollars -

Post by Guest,

2183314483 Calling me and left no message - - must be spam -

Post by Guest,

218-331-4483 No answer when I pick up line, just a disconnect -

Post by Michelle,

2183314483 This Number has called me twice this month -  Never leaves a message -  I screen all of my calls, and after researching the number, have blocked it -  However,  I post in hopes of deterring someone else from falling into this trap -

Post by Guest,

218-331-4483 Telemarketer claims to have gotten the number from an affiliate online - Offering a gift card to different stores - The prompt says pressing will add you to the do not call list within hrs -

Post by Guest,

2183314483 Multiple hang up calls per day

Post by J,

218-331-4483 They called my cell and left no vm -  I never answer any unrecognized number especially out of state ones -

Post by Guest,

2183314483 pain management

Post by MAG,

218-331-4483 Received call from this number - I didn't answer - I don't answer #'s that I do not recognize - The number seems to be from Minnesota - They didn't leave voicemail -

Post by lbz,

2183314483 called, didnt answer

Post by Caroline,

218-331-4483 They called, I didn answer - They left a message but just very loud breathing - I called it back but they didn't answer and I just hear beeping - How did they get my number, I just got this phone and I - Ever give my number out to people - I want to know who these people are -

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