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Written by avila, 2019/11/02

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Avila 3148020998

  • 2019/11/02 (8 months ago)

It's funny when these identity thieves start using the little information they have gathered from voice mail boxes they have reached within the company and start using those names in contexts completely outside of their roles.  Anybody with half a brain knows you are full of $h!t..


Setia 3148020998

  • 2019/11/01 (8 months ago)

I want calls from this number and all other numbers with unidentified callers stopped..


Dixon 3148020998

  • 2019/10/31 (8 months ago)

Received calls no message.Cannot. return call.


Clifffowler 3148020998

  • 2019/10/22 (8 months ago)

They are calling me and I want it to stop!!!!!!!!!.


Bobprior 3148020998

  • 2019/10/16 (8 months ago)

I got the call and pressed one just to find out about them, when I asked about the company name and why they call me every couple of weeks the guy immediately hung up on me.....


Jiah 3148020998

  • 2019/10/15 (8 months ago)

Obnoxious,and rude playing on the phone about lowering cc rates..


Damianczarnecki 3148020998

  • 2019/10/06 (9 months ago)

If you are on the Do Not Call, and you can find out the company name, try to nail them for $𝟭𝟭K for a DC violation ... it's worth a shot..


Sandra 3148020998

  • 2019/09/22 (9 months ago)

Automated call to sell lower APR credit card.  No company name given.  Beware, this is probably a scam..


Timgray 3148020998

  • 2019/09/18 (9 months ago)

more b.s. credit card debt reduction.


Marie 3148020998

  • 2019/09/15 (9 months ago)

Got this call telling me they want til lower my cc rate. A Didn't answer it when I call them back the automation stated that I was in their database..


Jemmasmith 3148020998

  • 2019/09/14 (9 months ago)

I don't know why they waste their time calling here since it will never amount to anything.We would NEVER give out info to random strangers on the phone.No matter what they claimed or said.So they are wasting time here..


Steven 3148020998

  • 2019/09/13 (9 months ago)

So annoying that because they call every day I saved the number under the name: Totally Annoying A**hole so I will know to to answer..


Stansbury 3148020998

  • 2019/09/13 (9 months ago)

Got this call twice this week.....good thing I didn't answer either one. Great posts here, good-looking out people. Be safe and be careful, there is a lot of douche-baggary out there..


Aboagye 3148020998

  • 2019/09/10 (10 months ago)

this happened to me too i live in abilene tx and im only 𝟭𝟭 and i think i have a stalker.


Laurice 3148020998

  • 2019/08/31 (10 months ago)

Solve this problem with a SILENT ring tone.To do this use the record option on your phone. Record SILENCE for 𝟭 second. Save the phone number that you want and assign the name "Do not answer". Assign the silent ring tone to this number.After that when they call you will not be bothered because you will not hear a ring as it is silent.  The only way you know they called is when you look at your phone and see that you missed a call. When you see the missed call was from "Do not answer" you can just laugh.Does not block the call but otherwise solves the problem..


Hamish 3148020998

  • 2019/08/28 (10 months ago)

I just received a call from 𝟯𝟭𝟰-𝟴𝟬𝟮-𝟬𝟵𝟵𝟴  and I did not answer.  No message when left..


Jerome 3148020998

  • 2019/08/28 (10 months ago)

This number calls me constantly although I am on the do not call list. A Can't the government do something about this telemarketer pest? A It makes a mockery of the do not call registry. A Somebody out there, please help!Elton.


Lawsonhill 3148020998

  • 2019/08/25 (10 months ago)

i did not answer (after reading comments here i will block) it left no message.


Fellner 3148020998

  • 2019/08/17 (10 months ago)

They continuously annoy me by calling my cell and not talking when I pick up..


Robert 3148020998

  • 2019/08/11 (11 months ago)

Got a couple of calls from this number.  Never answered.  Called the number back and just got a recorded stating my number is in their database and then it disconnected me.  There should be a law with stiff penalties against this.  Been getting a lot of these annoying calls from different numbers lately..


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