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Post by Anita Edwards,

3164612510 Garden variety Indian law debt scammer -  Using existing law firms in the US as a spoofed CID -  Accent so strong you can cut it with a knife -  The e-mail is part of the scam -  It's absurd -  There's no way anyone can put a "hold" on anyone's SS# -  Nobody cold calls you and tells you a lawsuit has been filed against you -  Lawsuits are only filed when negotiation over a long period has failed -   Do not call them or answer any e-mails -  Report them here: www -stopfraud -gov report -html              And here:  www -ic -gov default -aspxInclude copies of the e-mails -

Post by Guest,

316-461-2510 Is an escort

Post by Guest,

3164612510 Caller had an Indian accent and stated he was from some computer company, but cold not make out what he said - Same scam, telling me there was a problem with computer - I knew it was a scam immediately and when I started asking him question he got irritated as well - I hung up and he actually called back - Once again I told him I knew this was a scam and hung up on him again - Did not call back after that -

Post by Guest,

316-461-2510 still calling me

Post by Guest,

3164612510 este usuario no recive llamadas

Post by Guest,

316-461-2510 Called me not once but twice at : in the morning and I told him both times that he had the wrong number - His reply "Don't get smart with me" - If he was "smart" he wouldn't have called a second time after I told him the first time that he had the wrong number and woke up our entire household -

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