425-390-8130 - 4253908130

Written by rahmat, 2019/11/10

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Rahmat 4253908130

  • 2019/11/10 (9 months ago)

This number called and I didn't answer it because I didn't know the number when I called back it said the number had been disconnected? Huh? Within 𝟯𝟬 wow OK.


Vanessa 4253908130

  • 2019/10/12 (10 months ago)

A call from 𝟰𝟮𝟱-𝟯𝟵𝟬-𝟴𝟭𝟯𝟬 on my cell. wanted to lower my interest rate. I'm getting more of these calls on my cell, have always gotten a lot on my home line. Somebody's got to event something to supplement the Do Not Call Registry and stop this nonsense. I'm tired of having my life interrupted by these calls..


Susan 4253908130

  • 2019/10/10 (10 months ago)

I do not want ANY solicitations on my cell. When no message is left, I assume solicitation. Looking at these comments associated with this number would confirm my assumption. I do not want calls from this number..


Junipertree 4253908130

  • 2019/10/04 (10 months ago)

Hum. Just got a call from this number. Message was cut off at the beginning: something about calling right away about eligibility to lower interest rates. Caller ID was "CNAM" but that's a term of art in telephony: "A CNAM database contains calling party names to be used when identifying a calling party."Heh. The caller undoubtedly got bounced by my "reject anonymous calls" switch and changed to a default database..


Ava 4253908130

  • 2019/09/04 (11 months ago)

I keep getting these calls I want them to stop..When I redialed the # they say it is disconnected belongs to Telecommunications Group..


Chuckgentry 4253908130

  • 2019/07/17 (1 year ago)

Got a call from this number.  I waited to talk to a person.  When I ask who was calling they hung up on me.  It's a scam!.


Lucas 4253908130

  • 2019/06/27 (1 year ago)

.  Left messages over and over.  When I finally answered one, I told the guy I wanted to be placed on the Do Not Call list.  He hung up on me.  Tried to call back - busy signal.  I want to travel through the phone lines to strangle someone..


Clayhardy 4253908130

  • 2019/06/09 (1 year ago)

Just got a call from this number as well.  I never pick up they think they would take the hint..


Canderous 4253908130

  • 2019/06/02 (1 year ago)

They are still calling but it doesn't do any good to complain.  Do not leave a message.


Ward 4253908130

  • 2019/04/26 (1 year ago)

This number called me claiming to lower my inter ate on my credit cards.  So I waited and talk to some lady when I asked what it was for she said to lower my interest on any of my cards master card visa ete. if I had 𝟰𝟬𝟬𝟬 dollars in debt.  When I asked how she got my number what company she worked for she simply hung up.  And if you call back it's blocked.  Trying to find some sucker to give them all your information or credit card numbers so they can take you for all your worth... If they call ignore!!.


Dewayne 4253908130

  • 2019/04/10 (1 year ago)

This was that annoying recording from "card member services" with my "final offer to lower credit card interest rates.".


Kamilah 4253908130

  • 2019/03/28 (1 year ago)

Got this Rob call about Free Travel for my next Holiday - SCAMSounds like they are changing thier tactics.When will the Do Not Call List actually work?.


Jenniferraulerson 4253908130

  • 2019/03/05 (1 year ago)

I am very tired of these, whoever they are, calling. I do not know who this company is, and I won't answer the call. Get them to stop calling..


Keith 4253908130

  • 2019/02/25 (1 year ago)

Calls and leaves no message. ID says CAM..


Michael 4253908130

  • 2019/01/22 (1 year ago)

Cardholder message received many times..


Melissarocha 4253908130

  • 2019/01/20 (1 year ago)

𝟭𝟭:𝟭𝟱 AM 𝟵/𝟮𝟱/𝟮𝟬𝟭𝟮  𝟰𝟮𝟱-𝟯𝟵𝟬-𝟴𝟭𝟯𝟬   Candidate leave a message..


Sharmila 4253908130

  • 2018/12/31 (1 year ago)

Yup, same here. I missed the call and since I do business in the Washington area so I called back, got a "number has been disconnected" message. Sounds like it's been spoofed and used by someone else..


Taienauhatafe 4253908130

  • 2018/12/09 (1 year ago)



Gloriatabares 4253908130

  • 2018/12/06 (1 year ago)

Hey, it's Rachel's sister "Payne Intheass". Geez, it never stops..


Anthony 4253908130

  • 2018/11/03 (1 year ago)

No answer just silence then a dead line I wish it would stop!.


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