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Post by Alaine Harris,

4702382031 They call, they say nothing, they hang-u[

Post by Si More,

470-238-2031 They call me from the breast cancer center also, but I don't perticipatehings like that on the telephone - I don't are what charity it is - Let me remindyou people, never fall victim prey on these so call fake -caller: Breast Cancer Center

Post by josey,

4702382031 Got a call today from "Breast Cancer S" - Woman claimed to be Amanda and wanted to talk to me about breast cancer - This same woman has called before and got pretty nasty when I told her I wasn't interested - This time after about - seconds of her spiel I just hung up - I never give to charities that solicit over the phone - I have been burned too many times -

Post by dt,

470-238-2031 They called and didn’t leave a message -

Post by JANE,

4702382031 THANKS--------Nothing stops these people short of not answering or leaving the phone off the hook -

Post by Phantom101,

470-238-2031 Received a call from --- today -  CID was 'Breast Cancer S' -  They called a couple of days ago but the number is blocked and I don't hear a first ring anymore with the new phone -  I love it -  Keep calling cuz you're wasting your time and not bothering me when you do -

Post by MawMaw,

4702382031 By answering the phone, you simply verified that your number is a valid working number -  Do NOT answer ANY number you don't recognize

Post by Phantom101,

470-238-2031 Received another call from --- -  CID was 'Breast Cancer S' -  They called earlier today with CID of THEBREASTCANCER Obviously scammers so I've already blocked this number -  Nice to see the call come in on the phone's display but not hearing a ring -  Keep calling dumb ae cause I can't hear you -  I love this phone -

Post by Guest,

4702382031 Activating junk mail caller -

Post by Boo,

470-238-2031 i'M % certain they are scammers - Proof? Call them back and you will be told that the number is "A NON-WORKING NUMBER -" (Oddly, when I called twice later, it suddenly WAS working; st time they ID'd themselves but then quickly hung up, mid-sentence; nd time I was told their spiel about how they help BC patients (BS) and that I had to give a confirmation code to get a callback (I -E - PROOF I'D ALREADY DONATED) then was sent to an answering machine which, naturally, was full -In short, any time you call a scammer telemarketer back at their number and it states it is a "non-working number," you now have proof they are illegally calling from a non-working number by using a technique called "ghost" or "proxy" number - It tricks Caller ID into displaying any number they choose, while making it close to impossible to track down the most abusive thieves, indeed the worst of the bunch -- which is why they have no fear whatsoever in breaking the laws set forth by the "Do Not Call" list, a list which, after a decade has shown to not only be completely inaffective, the people who've availed themselves of it are now more abused than ever before -[See the news article with this exact title, from :" "Celebrating" The Do Not Call's th Anniversary" on this same page, in the far-right-hand column -Your eyes shall be opened -]Anyway, they asked for my Mom - She passed years ago, in my arms, from ovarian cancer -So they asked me to donate - I hesitated literally less than seconds before saying "Well - -"  PRECISELY AS SHE HUNG UP ON ME -Why the pause? I have breast cancer, i'm "fighting -"I'm also, so far, "losing -"May they, as well as the USA government with it's FCC, FTC, burn_in_hell, as these agencies are well aware of these thieves, as thousands upon thousands have written these agencies for relief; these agencies could easily, EASILY close them down and arrest no less than the lead scammers, IN LESS THAN ONE DAY -Yet they are allowed to lie and steal, while the agencies who are supposed to PROTECT our country openly ignore all the RECORDED PROOF THEY HAVE of these thieves -- yet they have ample time to tap and record decent Americans who have broken no laws, then use this material to SIC the IRS upon people who dare to disagree with the law MAKERS in office who are openly BREAKING THE LAW -When facing the legislature on the topic of passing 'Obamacare', the words Nancy Pelosi spoke to them still ring in my ears: "WE CANNOT TELL YOU WHAT'S IN IT (Obama's health initiative) UNTIL YOU PASS IT"When I was younger, our country had a testimony toward decent and fair life called "The Constitution of the United States of America -"Quoth the raven: "NEVERMORE -"

Post by Guest,

4702382031 Repeat caller did not answer

Post by vv,

470-238-2031 yes I have blocked them a new   area call will call are there other way's to report them it's a prepaid phone and cost's me money if I pick up the call -

Post by Chris baker,

4702382031 Unwanted call never leave message

Post by Hazel,

470-238-2031 Got a call from Amanda, she told me that trying to get hold of me was like trying to get her kids up for school -Well lady you know were you can go -

Post by vv,

4702382031 yes I have blocked them a new   area call will call are there other way's to report them it's a prepaid phone and cost's me money if I pick up the call -

Post by mary,

470-238-2031 calls from breast cancer center    last march ,   first ask for mary,  then got the recorded message -

Post by George,

4702382031 They will not leave a message -   Get phone calls all the time from these SCAMMERS -

Post by Mini,

470-238-2031 left no message -

Post by RB,

4702382031 Called twice that I happened to answer the business phone and were asking for me by name -  When I stated they had reached me an overly-sugary lady stated "getting a hold of you is harder than getting my teenagers to clean their rooms" followed by a fake laugh - exact same comment on both calls -  Obviously a recording - - supposedly attempting to get donations for breast cancer patients -

Post by Boo,

470-238-2031 Just one more bit of info (quoted from another source):"( I found out that these charities are all run by the same family spawned by James T - Reynolds Sr - and his ex-wife Rose Perkins - James Sr - is dead now, but his son, James T - Reynolds Jr - pays himself a salary upwards K per year for running this fake charity -)":[ - -]"I wrote a letter to the Attorney General's of GA, AZ, and TN to complain about this - I got the standard form letters in response - They all say that they are doing their best to "look into" my complaint - One response in particular was rather obnoxious - I wish now that I had saved it - I could have written him back and told him to get off his well-fed but and "look into" himself - What a ridiculous thing to say These fraudulent charities have existed at the expense of cancer victims for the past twenty or more years"-- Kate Watanabe

Post by Victimized Female,

4702382031 In April a mammogram taken at Fayette Piedmont Hospital and the day before scheduled to recieve results my caller ID rings out Breast Cancer s - June I had an appointment for blood work with a Piedmont provider I get a call the next day from Breast Cancer s -Is this allowed under the new health care act?   The Piedmont compliance representative back in April did not accept any connection,  it was just coincidental -  :)

Post by Mary,

470-238-2031 They get names and numbers from health care services that conduct breast cancer screenings - Highly suspect, but names and numbers (without medical and private info) is allowed under the new health care act -Our phone system's spam filter caught this one, but wanted to pass this along -

Post by Guest,

4702382031 Please don't call

Post by Guest,

470-238-2031 Wanted to mail me a envelop to put a little donation in for Breaston Cancer Victims - I told her I was going to a function and would be making a donation at that function - She said that that she didn't want to take the cheese out of my macaroni - With a smart attitude - I told her that I didn't want to put the macaroni in her cheese either - She laughed so I hung up - This was my seconred call within months - It seems like a really good scam if your not paying attention -

Post by Guest,

4702382031 Said they wanted funding for cancer but seemed illegal

Post by Lynn Maddox,

470-238-2031 Harassing calls continue

Post by JANE,

4702382031 Another call from these irritating SCAMMERS -Would not leave a message on recorder -   STOP CALLING -

Post by Linda Gray,

470-238-2031 I  always hang the phone up when I see caller ID -

Post by StopCallingMe,

4702382031 They also call and nothing shows up on the caller ID except for: "Uknown Number"In any event, these scam calls are never going to stop - From the Home Security, Rachel from Card Services, and now this - I have filed numerous complaints over the years and yet the calls still continue - I am done filing complaints as they do no good - No one is going to take action -

Post by Shelia Collins,

470-238-2031 I've asked to be removed from their call list, and now they call and when I answer, they hang up -  I spoke with someone the first few times they called says it's the Breast Cancer Society to which I replied I give locally through family members who have, or had breast cancer and that is all that I can afford -  The lady on the phone got mad when I said I'm sorry; no I can't pledge more -  My husband and I are retired and on a fixed income, and I would like them to remove our number from their call list -  She replied I hope you never have to call on BCS when and if you or someone you love needs us -  Then she hung up on me -  I guess that was trying to intimidate or bully me for a donation, making me feel guilty, but like I said, I already give locally through family and friends for the walks and other fund raisers -  These calls are now daily and no one there when I answer and when I called it back, the recording said I had reached the Breast Cancer Society and to please leave a message and someone would get back with me - and then another recording saying I'm sorry the mailbox is full -  Please try your call later -

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