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Post by nollama,

5182248390 Got several calls from this number, with a different person each time, but with the same message -  THey did not ask for anyone by name, just read off this same script, and left a  'vague' message meant to be a threat, but not giving any information really -- just wants you to be afraid of this threat in order to call them back - I called the number and it does not work and probably spoofed, but the number is a call center in New York - Here is what the mesage says -  "This is --garbled name with MS&Assoc to notify you of a situation that may lead to being placed in check systems - Once in Check systems, you will be temporarily be unable to access any accounts linked to your name or social security number - Once this list is faxed to the National Banking Association, it cannot be reversed - Please call this office as soon as possible at -- -"First off, if this is a real company calling about a real "issue" , they would ask for someone by name -  Secondly, what is "check systems", and there is NO SUCH THING as the "National Banking Association" - - -They are trying to scare and frighten people into thinking their ability to access banking is going to be frozen, which is illegal -  So, B E W A R E -- these people are scammers -- trying to rip people off - I may call MS & Associates from a different phone and not give out any information, and see if they'll tell me what they are trying to do, and if they have any sort of business license in NY -- they obviously are not honest or above board -  Pass this along to others, and post on as many of these boards as you can to alert others not to give any personal information and to report these thieves - - -  They have also used the numbers -- and -- - - -I have had or messages from these numbers, all with different people calling and leaving messages - -

Post by Guest,

518-224-8390 This guy is passing out counterfeit bills

Post by Guest,

5182248390 un wanted texts

Post by Guest,

518-224-8390 This number has been disconnected

Post by Guest,

5182248390 dont trust him

Post by lisa,

518-224-8390 my name is Lisa i live in Gloversville Ny  in am entering for a target gift card

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