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5203715131 I recieve calls from this number all day long on my cell phone.  It says a place from Teaneck, NJ.  I am tired of the phone ringing.  I do not answer calls from numbers I do not recognize. sgm 5 2016-11-16 16:08:06
5203377100 nothing heared. cooler 5 2016-11-20 18:42:27
5202138427 I also got the note in Santee.  I have been home all day so they didn't make any attempt to deliver the basket.  I immediately thought it was a scam and googled the number which brought me to this site.Reading about all of the people that witnessed the person delivering the flyers trying to open doors reminded me that earlier I did hear a loud noise that could have been someone trying to open one of my doors.  Extremely shady people involved in this ... Justin 3 2016-11-21 09:27:26
5203533107 lender services direct from India Guest 7 2016-11-23 09:31:38
5206156400 kill yoself Guest 4 2016-11-23 12:14:41
5208953410 You will be reported Guest 3 2016-11-29 11:36:54
5206666123 Recieved 2 phone calls from this nbr. A man asking for Miriam. Apparently, a wrong nbr. Lynn 5 2016-11-29 12:45:57
5202868624 Crazy about you Guest 3 2016-11-30 13:48:09
5208485690 "We are calling with a special offer just for you!  Call us at 888-221-8364 for details."  that's the message I get when I call 888-221-8364.  and then it hangs up. Robert Keyser 7 2016-11-30 16:00:47
5209998486 First time caller. No message Guest 5 2016-12-01 15:33:58
5204617393 found call on answering machine with no message. Have gotten several calls from this number and never a message. Who are these idiots? lw 3 2016-12-08 20:38:14
5206784003 Radiology associates of Arlington outstanding bill balance reminder. Amber 7 2016-12-12 08:55:17
5207218741 Spam. They're testing me asking who I am. Bob 7 2016-12-13 10:57:50
5207907891 790 7891 said his name was Billyaand that he was from Social Security had funny background music and clicking on line. Debbie 7 2016-12-13 14:10:20
5209992327 received MANY calls from this number throughout the day, for the past few days. Never leaves a message. me 4 2017-01-05 14:27:49
5204644256 This number keeps calling. I am registered with the Do Not Call list but they insist on calling about a almost to expire car warrantee.  This is a major violation of the Do not call list.  When I talk to the seller they are unreasonable and refuse to accept my request to Do not call. bob84 7 2016-12-13 19:05:09
5208954295 gwhite100 Guest 5 2016-12-13 19:05:41
5203375248 Rude Guest 6 2016-12-14 11:23:06
5203375893 Just received a call from 613-100-0184. A gentleman with a thick East Indian accent claimed that he was calling from a computer security firm, and said that he understood that my computer was running slowly, taking a long time to boot up, and freezing unexpectedly. Well, he was right. He then suggested that I switch on the computer, and he would guide me through a process to determine whether I had harmful viruses. I was suspicious, and demured.The phone display identified the caller as "V05272059450001." It is strange that I very recently called in Nerds on Site to address these very problems. In fact, I expect a nerd to arrive at any moment to finalize the disinfection process.Is this strictly a coincidence, or did people from this phone number intercept my call to the Nerds and decide to capitalize on it in an attempted identity theft? Spud Lite 4 2016-12-14 14:35:00
5204484889 FAX MACHINE Guest 7 2016-12-15 15:51:15
5208895690 would not leave a message on voice mail. Guest 4 2016-12-16 12:48:39
5202177027 I would love to know is this company is a scam because i got the same call. please e-mail me at [email protected] /* */ when u findout. Matilda Wright 7 2016-12-16 13:52:36
5202868524 Scam thru CL add - sent text asking for email Jon 6 2016-12-19 18:02:42
5208953483 I received a recorded phone call from 817-649-9067 informing me this was my final notice from the IRS and, if I did not respond immediately to the number 202-239-6581, a law suit would be filed against me by the IRS.  I did not call the 202 number because I feel this is a scam. D. Laden 6 2016-12-21 11:41:03
5205196834 Dumb Dg Guest 5 2016-12-26 19:23:57
5209793454 Have received too many calls from this company to count.  The same lady Jill keeps calling and from different numbers.  I want to know how to speak with someone from this company.  I've asked her and told her not to call anymore.  I received 2 more calls today.  Does anyone know what company this is?   kim 6 2016-12-27 11:31:04
5202103466 Have been getting repeated calls from this number and a hang-up on that end when the phone is picked up here. We're on the "Do not Call List". Please remove this number from calling if possible. Thanks! Guest 4 2016-12-28 19:18:55
5203945945 This guy is the same one that had used 832-463-1485. Contacted me on Facebook posing ad Eddie vedder from the official page. It started earlier this year and disappeared and now he is back. Can't form a perfect sentence. Uses "I will trust you" always asks about friends, family and your plans. Wants to have you get a box and keep it safe till he can get it? Kept using religious references that didnt apply. His God bless and praises were used when they didn't pertain. His misuse of the English language and Godly references are a clear sign. He won't. Talk on the phone and starts texting... He didn't do his research very well. I have kept all the correspondence and canceled my facebook account. Kelly 4 2016-12-30 03:50:29
5205052458 Called from claiming I stole their wifi Guest 4 2017-01-03 11:19:50
5202337542 Also trying to find out who owns this number Maria 7 2017-01-03 13:17:21
5202727059 it is a collection agency don won 5 2017-01-03 13:26:16
5202846958 As in Tricia's case, I've received repeated calls from this number but no Voicemail messages. I called the number tonight and got the same message that Tricia heard--"Donor Care Center" at Moody Bible Institute, no one there to answer, will call me back at the number I was using, etc. etc. I waited a moment, and the voice said if I did not want any further calls from MBI, I could press "1", which I did without hesitation or regret. A female voice claimed this number had been added to their "Do Not Call" list, but it might "take up to 30 days to process"(!) I used to respect MBI, have friends who had good experiences as students there. I thought MBI carried out their mission with some integrity. This experience turns my opinion around completely. Stan 6 2017-01-05 10:35:56
5205891932 Sent me an email to call this number.  They were looking for a designer.  Seems shady. tgb 5 2017-01-05 22:05:22
5202738616 Playing on my phone is childish. Guest 3 2017-01-06 12:19:43
5202618705 wondering who this was Guest 6 2017-01-08 14:11:43
5203565494 I think leeanna knows,  she was just making light of it.... fred 7 2017-01-09 11:52:14
5202337532 Got a call on my cell. The lady was a fast talker. She did a brief survey with me- if I was single/married/divorced, what age group I was in, and what kind of music I liked. Then she fast talked about a credit card magazine diamond watch offer. I said no thanks and she hung up on me rudely. I called back and they said the number doesn't exist. I called the police. SS 6 2017-01-09 15:39:19
5202263555 I believe that it's Carrington Collage. Have been told thrice that nor my mother or myself are interested. They don't seem to understand the words 'no, thank you.' Sarah 10 2017-01-09 15:56:37
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