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Written by dimitrispanagiotopoulos, 2019/11/06

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Dimitrispanagiotopoulos 5733701039

  • 2019/11/06 (8 months ago)

called an unlisted restricted number. seems like the no-call list is a joke..


Scott 5733701039

  • 2019/10/31 (8 months ago)

Same as everyone else. On the do not call list and do not give out my number. He said the same thing and i said no, don't call me again, he said he have a good day. What crap..


Michaelmangrum 5733701039

  • 2019/10/29 (8 months ago)

They called my cell phone and hung up without leaving a  message.  They are in the same area code, but I still don't answer if I don't know the number.  Looking at the other comments, I am glad I didn't answer..


Jd 5733701039

  • 2019/10/15 (8 months ago)

I got a call as well from that same number they called my cell phone number and said their name was job and said that they was calling about a survey that I liked and about if I was interested in a job.


Arifi 5733701039

  • 2019/10/13 (8 months ago)

All 𝟯 of the cell phones my family has were called on Feb 𝟲 by this phone number. When I answered the man said a person with my phone number had indicated they were interested in employment opportunities. It is out of Gideon, Missouri..


Philipkirkland 5733701039

  • 2019/10/11 (9 months ago)

got a call at work.. i was working at the time so i didn't answer it.  recognized that the area code was my area but i didn't recognize the number and they also did not leave a message.  glad i didn't answer it after seeing this site.


Rodney 5733701039

  • 2019/10/02 (9 months ago)

Got a phone call from 𝟱𝟳𝟯-𝟯𝟳𝟬-𝟭𝟬𝟯𝟵 earlier today. A The man said he was with NW Positions and calling about the survey I filled out online while looking for a job. A I'm not looking and told him that I had not filled out anything. A He tried again to say I was looking then he hung up..


Jeff 5733701039

  • 2019/08/07 (11 months ago)

I just got a call and was SO confused! I don't take surveys. I hung up as soon as they started asking questions..


Burgos 5733701039

  • 2019/08/04 (11 months ago)

Asked twice for caller to identify them self.  Same story as the rest of it - employment placement from a survey of interest they said I filled out online.   I have been busy job hunting but it didn't soundfamiliar. Guy said his name was Joseph Peters - WM Physicians - calling out of Orlando FL.Over 𝟭𝟴 yes, US Citizen yes but when he asked for my Date of Birth - told him I wasn't giving that information out over the phone to an unknown caller.  He hung up.  I called the number back and recorded msg did say WM PHYSICIANS Employment Agency.  Got to be a SCAMMER.  They called my cell phone and I also am on the do not call list..


Richard 5733701039

  • 2019/07/23 (11 months ago)

I got this same call from Gideon Mo. And there isn't anything in Gideon Mo to take a survey for a job. I know where Gideon is and know people there. Some one is trying to scam people!!!.


Anil 5733701039

  • 2019/07/07 (1 year ago)

Just got a call from them stating that I completed a survey about a job. Total BS. I'm self employed and happy. I hung up on them. I believe this to be a scam. Don't press any numbers on your phone. I remember a scam from way back that allows them access to your phone. (i.e.) charges and crap. JUST HANG UP..


Jill 5733701039

  • 2019/06/24 (1 year ago)

This number: (𝟱𝟳𝟯) 𝟯𝟳𝟬-𝟭𝟬𝟯𝟵Gideon, MO also called me about 𝟰 times this morning starting at 𝟴 am to 𝟭𝟬 am. I didn't answer and called back to get the same recording you all did, I didn't press any buttons just listened to the recording to try and figure out who it was. I have been looking for a job but not through online surveys and I have a brand new number so even if I had given my number it would have been my old one..makes you wonder how these people get your phone number..does anyone know if the police in Gideon ever found out anything?.


Samara 5733701039

  • 2019/06/04 (1 year ago)

Just got a call from this number same as you all, you indicated you were interested in a job position in a recent survey, which I know I haven't done, and don't use my cell number for these things ever, always the house phone. As soon as I told him I didn't do this, he got snotty and said fine goodbye and hung up..


Gallego 5733701039

  • 2019/05/20 (1 year ago)

Just received a call from this number and didn't answer. Strange how recent all of the comments on this sure are..


Page 5733701039

  • 2019/04/13 (1 year ago)

This call came to my cell phone and showed up in "missed calls." I didn't recognize the number so called back. They said that they were from NW or WG Industries or Enterprises (sorry) and called me because "while I was on line recently I had indicated I was looking for job opportunities." The automated voice wanted me to push 𝟭 if I was interested in job opportunities, or press 𝟵 if I didn't want any more calls and then enter my phone number. I thought, "Not likely!" so pressed 𝟭 and a live person came on. I told him their call was bogus because no way had I indicated on line that I was looking for job opportunities, and he hung up..


Anita 5733701039

  • 2019/04/12 (1 year ago)

A call from this number came in to my cell about a half an hour ago. A I know it's some kind of telemarketing or something because they didn't listen to my voice mail greeting that say I don't check this voice mail. A Sometimes a doctors office will leave automated voice mail, but since this number did not yield any Google search results, I would assume they are up to no good..


Lorena 5733701039

  • 2019/04/06 (1 year ago)

telemarketer or something about a survey. I have prepaid minutes and they are eating them up. They NEED to STOP!.


Melindapenny 5733701039

  • 2019/04/05 (1 year ago)

I just received a call as well... I don't answer.


Charlie 5733701039

  • 2019/02/22 (1 year ago)

I got the same call about an hour ago.  He called my work cell which I only give out to employees. It's not right that all these people have access to cell phone numbers especially those that have prepaid minutes..


Cavasos 5733701039

  • 2019/02/18 (1 year ago)

They called me earlier, but didn't leave a voice mail. I checked here to see who it was, because I don't answer calls from numbers I don't know...:).


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