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Written by wingert, 2019/11/07

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Wingert 5734372919

  • 2019/11/07 (8 months ago)

I got a call about an hour ago, recorded voice that just said "Hi".  I hung up and tried to call back, would not go through..


Nick 5734372919

  • 2019/10/30 (8 months ago)

I just got this one as well. They called my Google voice number, so all I got was the phone number at the end by the time it patched through. Judging by the report times thus far I would guess this is a new marketing ploy..


Henry 5734372919

  • 2019/10/27 (8 months ago)

I got the same call not too long ago. Don't call back; it's a scam!http://www.top𝟯acaiberry.org.


Ken 5734372919

  • 2019/10/21 (8 months ago)

Scummier. Claims to be "Doug Adams" (probably a false name).Claims "he is calling you back because you spoke last week about lowering your credit card interest rates", but calls you "buddy" or "guy" so you know he isn't and you didn;t. (he does not even know your name). The message is probably pre-recorded.It's a scam - stay away !.


Nichole 5734372919

  • 2019/10/10 (9 months ago)

Just received a call, when I said hello there was a pause, I said hello again, a males voice said something to the effect of "um yes, hello..." then nothing, so I hung up tried to call back, but got a message that my call would not go through. So I go ogled the phone #, and see it is a scam #...Beware.


Carr 5734372919

  • 2019/10/06 (9 months ago)

Just called me, i hung up accidentally and then looked up the number, glad i hung up now! ha ha.


Mari 5734372919

  • 2019/10/03 (9 months ago)

got this call about 𝟮𝟬 minutes ago, male voice, just said "hi".  I didn't call back, you know, ex boyfriends and all, but decided to look online.  Glad I did! this is my cell and only certain folks have this number!.


Codycade 5734372919

  • 2019/09/28 (9 months ago)

just received a call from this no. and got disconnected, tried to call back and could not get Thur. I guess if it was important they would call back. probaly a tellamarketer thats how they usally work!!.


Ishankarajapaksha 5734372919

  • 2019/09/26 (9 months ago)

i also received a call from this # on february 𝟮𝟵.𝟮𝟬𝟭𝟬 @ 𝟭𝟭:𝟬𝟵 am. when i answered and said hello.he said hello once and when i asked him if i could help him he just stayed on the phoone just breathing and then quickly hung up. tried to call back but the # wasnt working. i believe these phone calls we are all recieveing may have something to do if we are all looking for jobs online possibly craigslist.because not only am i getting these random calls but also random emails in my spam box. people just requesting to hire a receptionist/personal assistant but to work from their homes and they all request the same emails in response requesting your:First NameLast NameStreet AddressCity, State, Zip CodeCell Phone NumberHome Phone NumberSexCurrent OccupationAlternate Email Address.... SO EVERYONE BE AWARE!.


Joshua 5734372919

  • 2019/09/25 (9 months ago)

Got a call where a man said hello and then it got cut off like the call dropped..


Carolhagedorn 5734372919

  • 2019/09/17 (9 months ago)

No company name was given, sounds like a recording to call them to have interest rates dropped on credit cards and this would be the last courtesy call.  It was also their first.I just posted a resume on Career builder.  I wonder if that's how they are getting our numbers..


Amandasheeler 5734372919

  • 2019/09/16 (9 months ago)

I just got a call from this number too, but I didn't look before I answered some man answered, but then the call failed. I looked at the number didn't recognize it. I go ogled the number, and it said Missouri. I am not interested in anything they have to sell me or say..


Ramnarine 5734372919

  • 2019/09/10 (10 months ago)

Same as everyone else, I guess Lola..


Cowart 5734372919

  • 2019/09/04 (10 months ago)

got the same call as everyone else ,, tried calling back , couldn't , , this happens when marketers get a phone acct. for outgoing calls only !!!! but it must be messed up because of the ruminating only seconds into the call ,, friend of mine works for FIMA and some time back they did a different thing to save money and it was same as this , couldn't call back , so they went back to old system !!.


Greglocke 5734372919

  • 2019/09/03 (10 months ago)

Received the same message yesterday, also from Doug Adams. Same limited time offer to reduce credit card rates. A Last time courtesy call. A Call back today or lose. Said call back on 𝟴𝟴𝟴-𝟰𝟯𝟳-𝟮𝟵𝟭𝟵. A If I recall correctly, it did use a name, though not mine..


Cobb 5734372919

  • 2019/08/17 (10 months ago)

I also rec'd this call to my cell phone about an hour ago it woke me up from my nap - LOLA! I never answer if I don't recognize the #.  The voicemail left a message that was a partly cut off and there was other people talking in the background and a lot of static.  The only thing I heard the main voice say was something about this being my last courtesy call and to give them a call back at some toll free #.  I won't be calling but I'd like to know how the heck they got my cell phone # since only family friends have it..


Rai 5734372919

  • 2019/08/10 (11 months ago)

Just got one too, with silence on the other end..


Avdeeva 5734372919

  • 2019/08/03 (11 months ago)

same number, also my cell phone which is only on job sites. have also got a call from 𝟴𝟬𝟱-𝟰𝟱𝟲-𝟭𝟳𝟮𝟭. neither leave messages. call repeatedly. happened right after i made a profile on jobs online.com.


Robin 5734372919

  • 2019/08/02 (11 months ago)

Got a call from this number, said all the things everyone else is saying: "since you're only making the minimum payments we could lower your interest rate for you."  And the message claims we spoke last week... NOPE!  Thanks for all the other feedback everyone else left, too!.


Connor 5734372919

  • 2019/07/26 (11 months ago)

Just received a call from this person as well and they left an 𝟭𝟭 second blank voice mail..


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