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Written by rinaldi, 2019/10/30

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Rinaldi 5736367326

  • 2019/10/30 (8 months ago)

They called me and hung up as soon as I said, "Hello". A The caller id was "unknown name". A Very annoying..


Whitneybaldridge 5736367326

  • 2019/10/29 (8 months ago)

I'm so sorry to have to tell you that political calls and charities are exempt from the Do Not Call lists..


Doug 5736367326

  • 2019/10/29 (8 months ago)

Hi, KC. I think it will help.I get tired of phone calls from both parties. I know who I want to vote for , so I wish they would all leave me alone!Remember to vote!.


Mihailovic 5736367326

  • 2019/10/25 (8 months ago)

I got a call Tonto, from this number, they hung up, and when i called back, it said the mail box was full.


Charlottesantiago 5736367326

  • 2019/10/24 (8 months ago)

I have received 𝟯 calls per day for about the last 𝟱 days.  Annoying!.


Kim 5736367326

  • 2019/10/09 (9 months ago)

Over the past few months we've been getting the calls from 𝟱𝟳𝟯-𝟲𝟯𝟲-𝟳𝟯𝟮𝟲. The calls either come at mid-morning, 𝟭𝟬:𝟬𝟬 - 𝟭𝟭:𝟬𝟬 am, or early evening, 𝟳:𝟬𝟬 - 𝟴:𝟯𝟬. I can either pick it up quickly or let it ring, same result – a couple of clicks then a hang up. My guess is someone or some system is searching phone databases to validate answer frequency, male, female etc., then building a database of those that pick up and those that call back hitting their system. That information can then be cross-matched with public databases, income etc. to create target lists for future calls.Next time, pick up the call and just listen, don't say anything and see how long it waits. I have better things to do with my time than play opt-in games with some company's data gathering system. Very frustrating..


Luk 5736367326

  • 2019/10/06 (9 months ago)

The idiot introduced himself as Abraham Lincoln then hung up. Caller ID said that it was from Jeff City, the Democratic state committee. All the more reason to vote Republican in November. They do not harass a person with their nightly BS..


Tosh 5736367326

  • 2019/08/30 (10 months ago)

Upon answering I heard one big inhale and then they hung up. Good..


Lee 5736367326

  • 2019/07/29 (11 months ago)

Anyone get a call from this number? A If ya did ..who is it?.


Annathorn 5736367326

  • 2019/07/03 (1 year ago)

Same as above.  Two beeps and a disconnect.  Tried to call back...mailbox was full..


Lironmizrachi 5736367326

  • 2019/06/14 (1 year ago)

Actually, the caller on those numbers is the very service who's site you are reading from now! They are driving people to search the number on Google, write a complaint, drive traffic to their site (to increase hits and raise advertising revenues) and sometimes getting you to purchase the services to identify the "owner" of the originating caller. Look at the number of services from your Google search and then look at the similarity of the programming and user interface on each site. It's all the same code, same origination. Interesting web/phone scam. We're all suckers!.


Nicholas 5736367326

  • 2019/06/03 (1 year ago)

Same as above.  Two beeps and a disconnect.  Tried to call back...mailbox was full..


Jillianlee 5736367326

  • 2019/04/24 (1 year ago)

I keep getting phone calls from these people.  We are on a NO Call list and we want to keep it that way irregardless of who or whom is calling!!!!  WE DO NOT WANT THE DEMOCRATS OR ANYONE ELSE UNSOLICITED CALLING US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.


Bianca 5736367326

  • 2019/04/05 (1 year ago)

I've been receiving calls from this number and 𝟯𝟭𝟰/𝟴𝟵𝟴-𝟴𝟰𝟮𝟮.  Neither leave messages and both hang up when we do answer.  The 𝟯𝟭𝟰 number supposedly belongs to Michael Carter, a guy who's running for Lt. Governor of Missouri.  He just lost my vote.Isn't it enough we have to put up with those obnoxious TV ads?????  Gee, if you have nothing better to do with your time  --  volunteer!.


Joeydipietro 5736367326

  • 2019/03/19 (1 year ago)

Same as above.  Two beeps and a disconnect.  Tried to call back...mailbox was full..


Haha 5736367326

  • 2019/03/14 (1 year ago)

They call every night, when I call back it just says the mailbox is full.


Tammiedalton 5736367326

  • 2019/03/07 (1 year ago)

even if you add your name and number to the national do not call list you can still receive political calls. Your state legislator made it so that is possible. If you want to be removed from their list you must request to be removed from their list. The National list have no effect on them..


Tonydwyer 5736367326

  • 2019/02/19 (1 year ago)

Thank you to "Let Freedom Ring!" A I clicked on the link you provided and added my # to the Do Not Call list. A Hopefully that will stop these annoying nightly phone calls from 𝟱𝟳𝟯-𝟲𝟯𝟲-𝟳𝟯𝟮𝟲..


Koren 5736367326

  • 2019/02/15 (1 year ago)

I received a call from this number, but no one was on the other end of the line, and I heard two short tones.  Then a disconnect..


Rhonda 5736367326

  • 2019/01/19 (1 year ago)

I am registered with the state and national no call list and they still call and say nothing! A I believe they know I am a republican and are calling to harass me..


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