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Written by andrewhammons, 2019/10/24

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Andrewhammons 5737645052

  • 2019/10/24 (8 months ago)

I got the same exact thing from a "Gerald, MO" on my caller ID. They called my cell phone and when I didn't answer, they called my house phone. I picked up and said "hello" and eventually they said "hello." The person didn't say anything after that and I said "hello" a few more times and then they disconnected. Weird..


Mousa 5737645052

  • 2019/10/23 (8 months ago)

This just happened to me 𝟱 min ago. "Um, hello" was all he said. I shouldn't have answered. This is totally creepy..


Cruz 5737645052

  • 2019/10/20 (8 months ago)

There needs to be a way to block UN known callers let alone tele market calls @ 𝟯am!.


Nubiahernandez 5737645052

  • 2019/10/09 (9 months ago)

I said Hello and got silence.  Line went dead..


Skipmason 5737645052

  • 2019/10/08 (9 months ago)

Left Voice mail on my cell when I didn't answer.Sales on lowering interest rates. As low 𝟭.𝟱% Call back at 𝟭-𝟴𝟴𝟴-𝟰𝟰𝟮-𝟬𝟴𝟴𝟭.Says we talk before but since I have nothing to lower I find it hard to believe..


Sackett 5737645052

  • 2019/09/30 (9 months ago)

I just got a call from this number like 𝟮 minutes ago and I answered and said hello and some guy said "uh hi" and nothing else so I said hello 𝟮 more times with no response so I hung up..


Thalia 5737645052

  • 2019/09/25 (9 months ago)

This is office number. Called and he said  "huh.. hi" and no response when I said hello..


Lyndsayrae 5737645052

  • 2019/09/24 (9 months ago)

I received a call this morning where a male caller said hello then the call was dropped after I said hello a couple of times. Sounded like a friend of mine so I called him back.  It wasn't him so I looked at the caller ID to find 𝟱𝟳𝟯-𝟳𝟲𝟰-𝟱𝟬𝟱𝟮 as the number. As you all seem to be getting sales calls, I wonder if it is telemarketers auto-dialing to find valid numbers...?.


Varshachhetri 5737645052

  • 2019/09/13 (9 months ago)

Got the call, said um, hi.  and then hung up.  I called back but the number wasn't working..


Donohue 5737645052

  • 2019/09/08 (10 months ago)

Sounds like a telemarketer call - just got one myself.  If anyone has a name or address of said company, I'd love to send them a buzz-off letter..


Mcfarland 5737645052

  • 2019/09/04 (10 months ago)

same thing just happened to me.


Hodges 5737645052

  • 2019/07/15 (11 months ago)

Called twice in two minutes, said nothing.  The call is originating from Jefferson City, Missouri area.  Losers.  So I gave them your social security number..


Alexmayhew 5737645052

  • 2019/07/07 (1 year ago)

Just got a missed call on my cell fro Mathis number. It said I have a voicemail  so I check my VM and it says it is a coutesy call but noting else is included. Did not call back..


Rebeccalatham 5737645052

  • 2019/07/07 (1 year ago)

I just got one of the "uh hi" versions followed by the silence that only an obvious auto dial er provides when trying to switch over to the human. On my mobile, (which I will eventually forward to the FCC website), but I'm thankful for this because now I know to ignore that number, and pretty much area code and that prefix...I'm pretty sure I know no others from "Gerald, MO." which is where it originated from..


Jyotirani 5737645052

  • 2019/07/05 (1 year ago)

I got the same call and like many have said, they only said uh, hi, and then nothing..


Mattcane 5737645052

  • 2019/06/15 (1 year ago)

Same thing happened to me. "Uh, hi" then nothing after i said hello a few times. strange.


Wong 5737645052

  • 2019/06/09 (1 year ago)

just received a call from this number. I said hello, and after a couple of seconds someone said "ah, hi". I responded with two more hellos, but heard nothing, just dead air. I hung up..


Rees 5737645052

  • 2019/06/08 (1 year ago)

When I picked up and said "Hello?" there was a long pause before I got a response (not really sure what it was anymore) and then there was another long pause, so I said "who is this?" and waited for a few seconds with no response, so I hung up..


Troygabriel 5737645052

  • 2019/06/06 (1 year ago)



Kannan 5737645052

  • 2019/06/04 (1 year ago)

Something just hap pend to me I said hello, there was a pause and a guys voice said hello. I said hello again and the call was dropped..


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