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Post by John,

6027539875 Called stating the FBI reports high break-in numbers - Offered to install security system free off charge by placing their sign in "your front yard" Then options of )representative )Do not call Its probably a scammer - Auto dialing cell phones is illegal - And that -is likely why no company name is given - They are probably some boiler room doing a quick scam or getting for signing people up with contracts for home security - The parent company gets plausible deniability by saying they cannot be held responsible for other company's action - I would love to find out what home security company it is so we can spread their name around and their bad practices -

Post by Fed Up,

602-753-9875 No message, will not pick up unknown callers

Post by Guest,

6027539875 Home security

Post by A,

602-753-9875 Just got this call - I didn't answer it -

Post by random call,

6027539875 received this call minutes ago, no vm, just a random call - never seen this number before so i didnt answer -

Post by miamiModel,

602-753-9875 Its a scam company, dont even bother picking up

Post by tara,

6027539875 Just git this this morning - If you call the  number back you will get an automated system and it has an option to add your number to the do not call list -

Post by Guest,

602-753-9875 Something about the FBI leaving a sign in my yard

Post by John,

6027539875 Definitely shady -Called back, pressed for representative and had fake wait music and then told to leave a Voice Mail message - I know this trick - A close former friend of mine did the same thing out of FL - Had some autodialers that explained some deal, then fake menu options, then told to leave a VM after a quick wait with music staying high call volume as an excuse - % illegal, they are obviously just calling random numbers from an unapproved call list

Post by Peach,

602-753-9875 Just called - -didn't answer - Left a message of someone hanging up -

Post by Guest,

6027539875 spammer scammer

Post by Shelby,

602-753-9875 Scam

Post by Guest,

6027539875 Security sales pitch

Post by Alex,

602-753-9875 Called it back - -Message was along the lines ofPress ) To contact a representativePress ) To remove from call list

Post by Guest,

6027539875 Taped message about Security Systems I hung up after about the third word -

Post by Bunch of Jagoffs,

602-753-9875 same here,wish these scumbags would die

Post by monirom,

6027539875 Robo Call from telemarketer touting FBI home break-ins - The offer is to install a security system at "no charge to you -" No company name was given before I hung up -

Post by Guest,

602-753-9875 Home security offer

Post by Guest,

6027539875 telemarketing

Post by Susan,

602-753-9875 Got a call from this number - Should be arrested

Post by from cali,

6027539875 Awesome site btw - Got a call from this # Less tHan an hour ago - Thank god I didn't pick up - They left a vm of what sounded like someone hanging

Post by abc,

602-753-9875 call and hang up

Post by ...,

6027539875 Got a call from this number - Didn't pick up - Figured it was a scam don't know anyone from az -

Post by Russ,

602-753-9875 Also got this call on my cell  and listed as from Arizona -  No VM left -

Post by Guest,

6027539875 spam for security system installation

Post by Jason,

602-753-9875 Got a call from this number caller id showed AZ so I didn't pick up -, no VM nothing -

Post by Guest,

6027539875 weirdosss

Post by Doe,

602-753-9875 called with an automated system warning of break ins and its offering to install a free security system according to FBI - Its not fun at all -

Post by Guest,

6027539875 calls - In days

Post by Brooklyn,

602-753-9875 Same thimg happened to me

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