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Post by Luci,

6082683066 This is crap - We are sooo sick of these calls -

Post by Andy,

608-268-3066 Just got a call from this number - The ID said "ILLEGAL SCAM" - That was handy -

Post by Rich,

6082683066 They're still at it -

Post by Cristina,

608-268-3066 Called asking a million questions and wouldn't just get to the point - Supposdley it is Ernst and Young doing some study -

Post by Bill,

6082683066 Same thing again today -

Post by Guest,

608-268-3066 Trying to get confirm information for a 'trade' magazine - - of which I am not a member -

Post by Guest,

6082683066 Spam survey

Post by ShojoBakunyu,

608-268-3066 Called today, December , , and didn't leave a message - We aren't members of AARP, none of us HAVE insurance, etc - etc - etc - so there is no reason why they are calling our number(s), not to mention that ALL of our numbers are on the Federal Do Not Call List - These are ILLEGAL CALLS and each and every one of you should be reporting them to the FTC - (FTC -gov)

Post by pam,

6082683066 it's chamberlain research

Post by (608) 268-3066,

608-268-3066 () - unknown name and they leave no message - It's aggravating -

Post by huntress,

6082683066 my phone rang @ : am, looked at the number and it's --, luckily I didn't answer now that I read all these posts :s I saved the number as "DO NOT ANSWER" in case they call again in the wee hours of my sleep - -I hope they don't call anymore :(

Post by m,

608-268-3066 call me on my cell, seem seedy to me

Post by Cristina,

6082683066 What does this have to do with Obama?

Post by searcher1,

608-268-3066 They are still at it -  I refused to answer, their daily calls -  It's a long distance number  I don't know -What about people who have the pay per minute cell phones -  No one should be forced to pay for their behavior -I have told my provider to block the number -  If they are a legal company, they behave unethically -   I am tired of legal but unethical -I do not answer any questions at all if I am called -  A company's real number can be found by myself -  If called, they usually say no employees ever called -  Don't take any calls asking questions -  Hang up -  The government agency or company phone number can easily be found and called -   Even mail requests should have addresses verified before sending personal information -  Obviously the dates of previous posts show that no law enforcement agency has stopped them for years -  Beware -  We are on our own -

Post by Elena,

6082683066 I've gotten two calls from them on my cell - First time, no message - Second time, it was Chamberlain Research wanting me to come in to their Madison offices to do a survey - They said they were "particularly looking for students," which means they almost certainly got my contact info from UW-Madison (my number is an unlisted cell phone that doesn't even have a Wisconsin area code) -

Post by piethief,

608-268-3066 called yesterday around pm - I was on another line and did not answer - No message - This was a sip line that I only use through google voice, the only way they could get it is from the sip provider (callcentric) -

Post by m,

6082683066 call me on my cell, seem seedy to me

Post by Guest,

608-268-3066 Nothing - Just called and hung up several times


6082683066 Said they were calling from Medicare since we had recently changed our insurance -  They were there to answer any questions I had about the insurance -  Why?  I received answers from the Insurance company -

Post by mikey,

608-268-3066 they are a bother - calls come all hours -

Post by Larry,

6082683066 The woman I spoke with said they have been contracted by United Health Care to update Medicare records for Medicare -  She was actually very nice and explained everything even though I was rude -  I was still hesitant to give her info but, they did have my AARP Medicare info -  Just thought I would post so others getting calls would know -

Post by fed up with dead air calls,

608-268-3066 this person has called twice and no message just hangs up  FCC needs to have regulations to prevent this kind of call and  fine them for each call they make to your house or business and Cell Phones

Post by Cristina,

6082683066 What does this have to do with Obama?

Post by Guest,

608-268-3066 Research to ask questions

Post by Craig,

6082683066 called me today about doing some crazy focus group, said they would give me for hours time - This is the best deal ever call them back, I am sure you can get in on it too -

Post by Guest,

608-268-3066 Spam survey

Post by Jake,

6082683066 This is Chamberlain Marketing Research -  They do paid marketing research -  They don't sell anything, so that's why they can call -  They gentleman I spoke with said they are hired by a variety of companies to do their research focus groups -  They were trying to recruit me for a video game study to evaluate different stages of a developers video game -

Post by Unknown Name,

608-268-3066 I did a call back on this number --It went directly to: Chamberlain's Research Chamberlain is a full-service market and opinion research firm based in Madison, Wisconsin - THey specialize in consumer product research and testing - They snoop on you - www -ChamberlainResearch -comCONFIDENTIAL MY [***], how they get my name and number - -?? Someone breaches confidentiality -Tell these [***] to stop calling you and hang up ontheir [***] -

Post by Big Red,

6082683066 Woman who spoke very poor English called this morning about "needing to have my (bank name) account serviced -"  I told her that I didn't know what she was talking about, and she hung up -I THINK SHE WANTED MY BANK ACCOUNT INFORMATION -

Post by Kathy Foreman,

608-268-3066 I wish to block this types of calls

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