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Tips and tricks check WHO CALLED from 623-242-1656

  • Report all suspicious calls and scam phone numbers found in Ads, Calls, Texts & Websites
  • Protect yourself from scammers and spammers
  • Don’t pick up on an unidentified number
  • Make a note of the unknown number
  • Run the digits through a Reverse Phone Lookup to search for information about the caller, which may include details like social media profiles, photographs, and job histories created on LinkedIn
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Post by Vic,

6232421656 I received a lot of calls from this number, but never leave any message -

Post by Ashley,

623-242-1656 Keep getting calls from this number, but haven't answered them - I know that I don't know anyone from this area - So annoying -

Post by Kathryn,

6232421656 They're been calling the past two days, but today I've gotten calls from them - I've never picked up, but it always starts early in the morning and ends around - It's annoying -

Post by Guest,

623-242-1656 recieved two calls from on my cell phone which is on a blocker list, calls are unwanted and unwarranted -

Post by JARofclay8,

6232421656 Getting a call once or twice every day

Post by Guest,

623-242-1656 ugh

Post by Nate,

6232421656 These people called me times this morning but i don't answer out of area calls - Who is this person? They need to get a real job -

Post by Guest,

623-242-1656 This is my fourth call today

Post by Guest,

6232421656 They are trying to say I won something yet I had to subscribe to something else to get it - All spam - Don't answer, block them

Post by Kathryn Harrell,

623-242-1656 This number has called me on several occasions -  No message is ever left and when I call back, there is never an answer - Its Harrassment

Post by Crystal,

6232421656 This number calls and doesn't leave message -  They call several times throughout the day -  Not sure who they are or what they want -

Post by Guest,

623-242-1656 Magazine

Post by Eli,

6232421656 They call once or twice a day, when I answer no one is on the line - I am on the Do Not Call List and will be reporting them to police as well for harassing phone calls -

Post by Guest,

623-242-1656 Finna change number -too many calls

Post by Paula,

6232421656 They called me for about weeks straight, then it finally stopped -  I reported the numbers to the do not call list twice -  Online and by phone -  I don't know if it helped but it stopped -

Post by Diva,

623-242-1656 I called the number - told the very polite gentleman who answered to please stop calling -  He asked if I was calling from the number receiving the calls -  When confirmed, he said he would remove the number from the system -  We shall see -

Post by Brad,

6232421656 They noted that they are from an online award service and that I was going to get my giftcard - Congrats I told them I had absolutely no desire to be in their program and to please remove me from their list - When I asked to be removed from the list, the gentleman told me "Ok please hold one moment" at which point he put me through to the next step in the process instead of taking me off of the list - I hung up -

Post by Guest,

623-242-1656 They have been calling for a couple weeks, five to six times a day and do not leave a message - Caller ID only says Phoenix -

Post by serenity,

6232421656 on your cell phone  you can get free apps to block the calls -

Post by Guest,

623-242-1656 Need to stop calling my fone

Post by Guest,

6232421656 Dont answer

Post by Guest,

623-242-1656 android phones have a free call block app I've been using they call once and that is it - - -

Post by terri,

6232421656 I'm getting the same calls, it seems that it's the same general telemarketing company and they're using different numbers - It's SO annoying I don't answer these calls, and they never leave a msg, how can you contact them and or make them stop?

Post by LDM,

623-242-1656 multiple calls a day

Post by winkie,

6232421656 Good for you bob

Post by Guest,

623-242-1656 Sure, You can win a million dollars - Just subscribe to two magazines Yeah, right -

Post by Debbie,

6232421656 Getting sick of these calls they call all the time some times times a day -

Post by Angela,

623-242-1656 What is the deal with these people????  They call me to times a day and I called the number back and a message answers the say "You have reached our product services line - Please call back durning normal business hrs" IT IS : in the afternoon here in TX and they are in AZ so I am thinking they dont have that much of a time difference STOP CALLING MY CELL PHONE

Post by Kay,

6232421656 Received about calls yesterday from this number - Did not recognize the number, so didn't answer; however, no message was left -

Post by debra fuller,

623-242-1656 I have receive two calls today - No one there - and no message

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