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Tips and tricks check WHO CALLED from 717-294-6738

  • Report all suspicious calls and scam phone numbers found in Ads, Calls, Texts & Websites
  • Protect yourself from scammers and spammers
  • Don’t pick up on an unidentified number
  • Make a note of the unknown number
  • Run the digits through a Reverse Phone Lookup to search for information about the caller, which may include details like social media profiles, photographs, and job histories created on LinkedIn
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Post by Someone Else,

7172946738 The FCC is the problem -

Post by Blown away,

717-294-6738 I think I spoke to the same person It was so crazy

Post by chopper,

7172946738 HI Sandy,You gotta remember -  The do not call list is only something that works on LEGAL BUSINESSES who are afraid of being fined and having their LEGAL business threatened -  If you are running an illegal scam, using a dummy number or a dead number or calling from outside the country why would they give a rats *ss if they're breaking the law by calling someone on the do not call list or if they are spamming a cell phone - Chances they are in Nigeria or India or Turkey & are involved in some illegal activity -  Block them from your phone and don't wait for the gov to do it for you -  You know about thatI recently started changing the ring tone to "Ghosts Talking" for these numbers so I can make a notation of the number that called and what the nature of the call was -  It seems to help making a report for the phone company as these calls are just getting out of hand and too many of them are from companies like Comcast and Verizon who are making 'legitimate' calls from companies they out source to in India and Turkey -  They are running up my phone bill doing this as the calls are coming from a land-line and I am having to pick up a charge for each call -  Here's a new one though, why is an amount of time being charged against my Internet Data Plan for these services

Post by JoeNJ,

717-294-6738 Just got call on cell phone - Robo call - (only family has number) -  I did not answer and they didn't leave a message - Sure sign of a SCAM -

Post by era,

7172946738 Did not answer and no voice message

Post by MW,

717-294-6738 Just got a phone call from this number - Didn't recognize it so I didn't answer - -glad I didn't after reading these posts - No message left either - -will be blocking this number as soon as I'm finished with this post -

Post by Guest,

7172946738 Calls every day I will never answer they should give up

Post by Guest,

717-294-6738 Hang up

Post by Fed up,

7172946738 Just let them work their spiel and ask questions - Then ask them if they realize they called an FBI number and are running the voice recognition program on the call - They won't call back -

Post by Jo Rosato,

717-294-6738 The call was from a robot and then I hit saying I want to get the item they were offering (also offered ) so then someone would pick up the phone - When the guy from India (I think) picked up, I asked to be taken off the list and he hung up on me even before I was done talking -

Post by Arize,

7172946738 What a great idea I have a couple of those lying around -

Post by Lynnette Bennett,

717-294-6738 did not answer, called twice, and from this website, clearly junk calls -

Post by Guest,

7172946738 I didn't answer due to unrecognized number, no msg left

Post by Jim M,

717-294-6738 When ever I get a out of state phone call I will continue to hit the # key and this will screw up their computer and then will hang up - Why would the phone companies help us seeing their selling them the phone numbers and making money -

Post by Ellie,

7172946738 This is a reply to everyone who has blocked the number -  That's all well and good, but the minute you block a number these bast - -ds come up with another phony number -  We should have known years ago that the Information Super Highway would bring us nothing but aggravation -  There are always criminals who ruin a good thing -  I was getting two to three calls a day for months from an area code -  For some reason they stopped calling -  Maybe they finally got the idea that I would never answer -  I always figure that a legitimate caller would leave a voice message so I never answer when I don't recognize the number -  I recently read an article in a supplement like USA TODAY or PARADE where the guy kept the caller going for days with wrong info -  The article was hilarious -  I guess the only way to handle the current issue is to laugh at it -  I used to get angry but decided it wasn't worth the effort -  Good luck to you all -  Ellie

Post by me,

717-294-6738 Also ids as Eric Rutherford - Truecaller is a useful tool - Use it

Post by Helen Keegan,

7172946738 I didn't answer phone, had an idea it was someone up to no good since they didn't leave a messafge -

Post by Joe Murcko,

717-294-6738 Got this call today on my cell phone answered the phone and there was nobody there -

Post by grannyb,

7172946738 ID said Eric Rutherford - - -robo guy started with "Hello Seniors" to which I replied "Goodbye a -h -e" and hung up -

Post by bj seaside,

717-294-6738 This number calls my cell phone repeatively

Post by Guest,

7172946738 This # called me & hung up -

Post by at,

717-294-6738 --, Did not recognize, so I did not pick up -  No voice mail left -  Blocking them -

Post by Guest,

7172946738 Garbage call, dialed in to my cell phone and nobody was on the other end when I responded -

Post by Guest,

717-294-6738 Saying I had signed up for something that I hadn't -

Post by Guest,

7172946738 stop calling greedy telepests

Post by Rhoda,

717-294-6738 Amen

Post by R,

7172946738 Didn't answer, they left robo message, "Due to new healthcare regulations, you are now eligible for a personal medical alert system, also in discount food coupons -

Post by Paul D,

717-294-6738 Call at : am on Saturday -  ignored and no message -

Post by Guest,

7172946738 Pushing a medical alert system at seniors -

Post by Doug,

717-294-6738 very good - Very good -

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