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Tips and tricks check WHO CALLED from 717-856-3385

  • Report all suspicious calls and scam phone numbers found in Ads, Calls, Texts & Websites
  • Protect yourself from scammers and spammers
  • Don’t pick up on an unidentified number
  • Make a note of the unknown number
  • Run the digits through a Reverse Phone Lookup to search for information about the caller, which may include details like social media profiles, photographs, and job histories created on LinkedIn
  • Use Facebook To Look Up An Unknown Caller

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Post by Kim,

7178563385 Same thing, got two calls within minutes, annoyed me because I was bathing my toddler and I ran frantically after the second call thinking it was an important call - When I called it back I got "this line is used for polling" and then dead air

Post by Fred,

717-856-3385 Received two calls from this number within minute - I answered and no one at the other end of the line, not even a bot

Post by Guest,

7178563385 Calls daily, no message left

Post by Trudy,

717-856-3385 Keeps calling every few minutes -  Nobody there -

Post by martie day,

7178563385 Phone rang -  Did not recognize number so I did not answer -  I called number back and got a recording saying this number is used for polling -  I am on the don't call registry -

Post by Trahan,

717-856-3385 calls every night answer or let machine answer and no one talks

Post by Guest,

7178563385 Cell phone caller, does not identify, calls many times, needs to be jailed

Post by Guest,

717-856-3385 On do not call list - When I didn't answer, they called right back, so I picked up, thinking it might be someone I know - Of course it was a canned message which I hung up on -

Post by Guest,

7178563385 Hangs up without any message or talk - Several times a day - Annoyance -

Post by Trahan,

717-856-3385 Political Survey for Louisiana - Automated call - Held on to find out who the candidates were - Now I know who I will not vote for - These people called every time every day

Post by Guest,

7178563385 garbage robocall cowards

Post by Aggravatedbyunwantedcalls,

717-856-3385 Left no message - do not know this number -  Tired of these robo-calls

Post by Dan,

7178563385 They kept calling so I blocked them

Post by Cavanaugh,

717-856-3385 calls but no one on phone if you answer - If you let go to voice mail they do not leave a message -

Post by Guest,

7178563385 Unwanted robo polling call -

Post by john,

717-856-3385 called while awaiting doctor's call - -i want to find them and repay them

Post by Guest,

7178563385 no one responded when I answered -

Post by Jon,

717-856-3385 The second you answered THIS call, the scammer clan's "robocall dialer program" tagged you as a "mark"--which IS bad - Your home number will likely be listed, among hundreds, thousands of others--on something called a "hot sheet" - -something akin to a yellow pages directory for scumbag scam clans -

Post by Guest,

7178563385 Questioned how I plan to vote -

Post by Cherryl Walker,

717-856-3385 Election time, folks Organizations with the proper clearance can solicit donations - My rule is still: Check Caller ID - If you see a name and or number you don't recognize, do not pick up the call

Post by Mabel,

7178563385 Have had several calls from this number at night--usually before --but still annoying -  Last night, Monday evening, this number called twice in succession -  I do not answer numbers I don't recognize, and this caller (scammer?) does not leave a message -  I have also had calls from this number on several nights -  Again, no messages -

Post by Wade,

717-856-3385 --Who are they? Don't know but they call off and on? They do not leave a message on the machine -So sick of Azz holes who continue to brother people everyday - They are on call block now

Post by ConceptGuy,

7178563385 My call log showed two calls from this number nine minutes apart Sunday night -

Post by Dee C,

717-856-3385 called two times tonight, caller ID shows as wireless caller - -don't ever answer if I don't know who - but calls were back to back - - - rings hang up   pause seconds, rings again - -

Post by Paul,

7178563385 Debt collector scam

Post by Tim,

717-856-3385 Annoying as these scammer calls are--you did the right thing by letting your "robo-voicemail" do the talking--as the "robo caller" either slips in some lame-o pre recorded message or simply hangs up, knowing they're wasting -If EVERYONE HERE did the same thing---we'd ALL kick these scammers in the balls Simply use only the "robo" voicemail greeting--DO NOT record one - And NEVER answer any strange long distant suspicious calls; if they're friends or legit--they'll leave a voicemail that sounds legit - But even then: Use caution in determining if the pre-recorded voicemail IS legit -NEVER call scammer numbers: These calls only appear to be from U -S - cities; they're actually sourced OVERSEAS or from Canada and or Mexico - You think you're calling INSIDE the U -S ----but you'll get one heck of a OVERSEAS LONG DISTANCE phone billRemember: Let your voicemail machine do all the phone answering for you -

Post by Jon,

7178563385 The second you answered THIS call, the scammer clan's "robocall dialer program" tagged you as a "mark"--which IS bad - Your home number will likely be listed, among hundreds, thousands of others--on something called a "hot sheet" - -something akin to a yellow pages directory for scumbag scam clans -

Post by C,

717-856-3385 They keep calling -  Let it ring a few times & hang up -  They cal back to back to back -  This needs to stop -  These people should be reported to the appropriate agency -  Very annoying -  If in fact they are looking for a donation of any kind, they are barking up the wrong tree -

Post by fed up,

7178563385 Caller ID says: -- - Caller heard Sentry's warning and hung up without leaving a message - Bad sign - - usually indicating useless sales call, low-life scammer, or worse - - Many of these calls are from the lowest of the low, the foulest of the foul - - dirt bag, scum-sucking bottom feeders who deserve a nice long stint in prison - Thankfully Sentry shall now block this number forever Good riddance, useless swine

Post by gh,

717-856-3385 caller asking for donation for election - -scammer - -beware

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