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2018-08-25 14:21:17
Scammer typed a long message in less than 1 minute? POF member by the name of Frank
2018-08-05 18:19:27
Sets up fake dates, a TOTAL time waster and scammer!
2018-04-09 14:49:59
dude is a psycho..
2017-01-19 17:33:17
Daniel Wade threatened myself and my family. He used my autistic sons name first. He is rude and vague. He left a message telling my husband how rude I am which I do not understand at all then he threatened a lawsuit and that he was taking it to the lawyers because I'm a b**** this guy needs to go to jail
2017-01-10 19:34:53
Assalamu alaikum wr.wb... saya ingin berbagi cerita kepada teman-teman yang pecinta togel,bahwa dulunya saya TKI di singapura yang terlantar buat makan aja sangat susah,dan alhamdulillah setelah saya hubungi AKI SUNDOSO saya bisa pulang kampung dan memulai hidup yang baru,ini semua berkat bantuan AKI SUNDOSO.karna angka ritual yang di berikan beliau saya bisa menang togel yang 4D singapura yaitu ( 2654 ) saya menang 297.juta syukur alhamdulillah kini sekarang saya sudah buka usaha sendiri,saya ucapkan banyak terima kasih kepada AKI SUNDOSO..tampah bantua dari AKI saya tidak bisa seperti sekarang,bagi teman-teman di indo maupun yang terlantar di luar negri mau mengubah nasib seperti saya silahkan HUBUNGI AKI SUNDOSO di NO: {-082-347-539-177-} karna AKI SUNDOSO dengan senang hati membantu memperbaiki nasib anda,sebab angka ritual di berikan AKI SUNDOSO di Jamin terbukti 100% akan keluar,atau silahkan buktikan sendiri karna kesempatan tidak akan datang kedua kali terima kasih banyak AKI WASSALAM dijamin 100% jebol saya sudah buktikan sendiri angka GHOIB: singapur 2D/3D/4D/ angka GHOIB: hongkong 2D/3D/4D/ angka GHOIB; malaysia angka GHOIB; toto magnum 4D/5D/6D/ angka GHOIB; laos
2017-01-09 14:40:03
Please leave a message. They do not, wish all companies and people would.
2017-01-09 14:39:08
2017-01-05 13:47:28
Got a call from Methvin searching for a friend. He got really tweaked when I got his complete company name and mailing address. COMPLETE JERK! Told him to NEVER EVER call us again.
2016-12-28 15:20:14
do not call me
2016-12-28 15:18:32
2016-12-13 15:14:19
Don't owe them..
2016-12-12 17:36:17
Leaves no message. We are on the no call list also. The list is just a joke anymore because telemarketers ignore it
2016-12-11 16:20:29
Press 9 is all it says wish they quit cAllings so annoying
2016-12-06 17:32:39
2016-12-04 11:32:58
A recorded message for wrong person
2016-11-29 15:24:44
I received a post card from someone saying I have changed my address and I did not do this then I should call 1 877-411-6120. To verify who this was I called and received no answer and the post card had no information except my name and address.
2016-11-28 09:31:26
Keeps calling me at work and home threatening to garnish my wages etc.
2016-11-21 10:58:36
Congratulations! You have been preapproved for up to $1,500.00 Wired to You in as little as 1-Hour Get your Cash Now! Reply STOP 2 unsub
2016-11-18 10:56:15
2016-11-10 10:59:10
So this number came up north Brookfield, MA. Did recognize the number so I didn't answer. Did not leave a message and called back twice more within 3 min. So I blocked this number. If I don't answer then leave a message if you don't then it's not worth answering

Phone list in 774

Phone number Recent comment Author Total Time
7742327403 psycho Guest 1 2015-12-08 06:03:11
7743015344 Keeps calling phone all day. Guest 7 2015-12-17 07:33:07
7744204165 Never leaves a message Guest 8 2015-12-20 01:59:33
7742611500 Leave a comment about the caller here Guest 7 2015-11-04 15:45:41
7742131728 CRAIGSLIST SCAMMER Guest 14 2015-11-04 16:08:33
7743294904 This caller phoned my friends cell phone to report that one of her family members was in an accident. He said his name was David. This is a scam please beware. Guest 1 2015-11-04 16:09:34
7743309599 They keep calling none stop and no answer when i say hello Guest 1 2015-11-04 16:21:34
7744137292 Suspect this was a spam call. Caller left a message on my business line with her namenumber and said a friend of hers gave her my number and that I should call her back as soon as I got the message. She gave no indication of what she was calling about. Guest 8 2015-12-16 17:50:52
7743299220 blocking spam number Guest 6 2015-12-09 15:06:40
7749252369 asks for illegal services Guest 9 2015-12-19 21:39:34
7749992741 I listed something on Craigslist this scammer keeps bothering me about shipping my item to Africa of course. Guest 1 2015-11-04 16:43:35
7744023232 nd time day this Lori person called Guest 25 2015-11-04 16:43:41
7742251431 Cop Guest 4 2015-12-15 10:32:03
7742131041 Actually I do know how it works because I've put my number on it and have never stayed anywhere. so they are harassing me and I'm sick of it. Perhaps you should learn how it works? Tess 6 2015-12-16 17:23:13
7743262054 Nothing was left on answering machine anita 6 2015-12-16 13:45:52
7743653197 Stupid Guest 5 2015-12-20 09:24:16
7743606223 harassment . Guest 1 2015-11-04 18:06:09
7748269403 Affair with a married man Guest 1 2015-11-04 18:20:10
7744300706 won't stop calling Guest 8 2015-12-16 09:06:04
7747570365 Didn't answer it and no message was left.  Don't know anyone in Georgia. Ml 4 2015-12-20 15:24:10
7742222286 you said delete you Guest 4 2015-12-19 19:48:35
7742775048 This number keeps calling and hungs up without leaving a message. Guest 1 2015-11-04 19:33:34
7742428165 idk Guest 1 2015-11-04 19:37:09
7746333111 Russ Comm auto dialer Guest 7 2015-11-04 19:38:10
7749942166 cheap trick. can't afford to south lake Tahoe. will continue to call looking to low ball u. Guest 5 2015-12-16 19:12:23
7742620999 Calls every other day, says G Schneider on caller ID - no one answers when you pick up. mama 7 2015-12-09 08:28:46
7743273127 Transport T 5 2015-12-10 13:53:06
7744621098 Keepz calln Guest 4 2015-12-18 21:47:30
7744444889 People calling about saving on auto insurance. Guest 6 2015-12-14 00:41:36
7742980930 keeps calling Guest 15 2015-11-04 20:21:41
7747735817 Drug hoe Guest 3 2015-11-04 20:32:34
7742717100 My phone has been turned off but I received at least empty voicemails all within minutes. Guest 66 2015-11-04 20:43:05
7743432889 This number called my phone saying and relative of mine was in a bad accident and needed my information to help save him and when I did not they cursed me out Guest 9 2015-11-04 20:51:41
7742725624 hey julio tovar 5 2015-12-16 13:51:56
7742066521 Security force Guest 8 2015-11-04 21:10:41
7742348324 comes through as toll free call -- mom 7 2015-12-19 00:08:39
7749012813 it is an unknown nuber they are harrassing me and y boyfreind and i had call the police Guest 1 2015-11-04 21:20:35
7749558266 this man is stalking me and I do not want to receive texts or calls from him Guest 4 2015-11-04 21:21:41
7742574135 Just a crack head. Say No to drugs. Guest 9 2015-12-19 09:18:50
7742970267 Don't call this number big scam Guest 8 2015-12-14 09:35:04
7743273185 Renter scam.. Trying to rent out a home that is listed under a realtor. They want a $ prepaid card for security deposit. Guest 13 2015-11-04 21:44:34
7744507456 Telemarketer Guest 7 2015-11-04 21:57:09
7742834283 I told them to stop calling years ago. Still calling trying to survey me about my educational experience. Ugg. Guest 8 2015-12-13 22:14:46
7742589472 I don't accept unknown or blocked numbers. have a bless day. Guest 5 2015-11-04 22:22:41
7745286951 Caller left number to call back but no response on calling back. Guest 8 2015-12-18 07:47:08
7744620896 had the same message left to me today asking to call back about an urgent time sensitive matter.. no business name given sounds like a scam Guest 13 2015-11-04 22:54:05
7742970405 A lawyer sleeping with married women. Guest 5 2015-12-09 23:04:27
7746066722 Number originates from Pontiac, Michigan from a residential address 'ubpublished' per Repeated calls, no voice, then hangs up.Very annoying. Hangerupper Allergy 8 2015-12-21 16:34:26
7748559213 the caller id says SSI on it which I don't know what it means. cher amor 4 2016-01-15 01:30:55
7748494437 They texted me and said hi.. Knowing my first name. I didn't acknowledge it was my number. Just asked who it was.. They didn't respond. Guest 10 2015-11-04 23:06:35