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Tips and tricks check WHO CALLED from 800-200-1638

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  • Protect yourself from scammers and spammers
  • Don’t pick up on an unidentified number
  • Make a note of the unknown number
  • Run the digits through a Reverse Phone Lookup to search for information about the caller, which may include details like social media profiles, photographs, and job histories created on LinkedIn
  • Use Facebook To Look Up An Unknown Caller

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Post by penrod,

8002001638 I purchased a couple calls from websites associated with DMB Times, aka fetishfoxxx -com -Big Mistake -Since the purchase there have been *additional* amounts charged with FSL Enterprises which seem to be over and above the amout i purchased from this company - I contacted customer support and was rudely informed i would be paying for my calls - That is my issue, i paid for the calls then additional charges were applied to my card - They have called my home number and left messages regarding my calls, discreet my [***] - I also had one amazon purchase on my card for - -I told the rep I would dispute the charges and then was told they would release my call details to my home number and then also this rep let me know they would be "researching my details" To my surprise they have found my parents with the same last name as I, and called them about my call - - Talk about stalking This company contacted my mother and was harrasing her over my call i did make - This is due to a charge back i did for the amounts I did not purchase and a third amazon purchase - If you want your privacy stay away from this company - This company also called my home number and left some pretty rude comments on my home answering machine - - you guessed it my wife heard these messages - Your secrets are not safe with this company -They banged my credit card for -, - and one charge on amazon for - all in all - in fraud what a bunch of scamming idiots Details:This company charges under different merchant accounts, the ones i found are:DMB Times LLC, FSL Enterprises, Inc -, BBE Technologies, and LRT TECHNOLOGIES -I want to save someone the hassle of dealing with this nightmare so here are the websites with the numbers:XXXTeenPhoneSex -com - FilthyLittleSwitch -com - PhoneSexMindFreak -com - freak BadaBingPhoneSex -com - bing EZphonesex -com - taboo PhoneSexUncensored -com - calls MyPhoneSexprincess -com - kate KinkyKittenKlub -com - kitten FuntimeWithDaddy -com -daddy ThePhoneSexChatroom -com - chat WhoresGoneWild -com -chat SweetNSticky -com - sweet SassyPussycats -com - sassy PhonesexNoRules -com -tweet FetishFoxxx -com -foxxx WhitetrashPhonesex -com -trash BadBadBarbie -com -sitter AgeplayTeen -com - lola DoitWithMalice -com - malice PhonesexPlayland -com - Phonebutter -com -CuckoldMommyCheryl -com - cheryl WickedLittleGirl -com - teen PhonesexClinic -com - --BETTY --Sweetxxxphone -com - CherieOnTop -com - YOUNG NastyTabooSecrets -com -NASTY YourSecretFantasies -com - DIRTY PhoneSexVixens -com - VIXENS EroticPleasureQueens -com - QUEEN cutomer service number: WickedPhonePleasures -com - WHORES DeviantBitch -com - or BITCHMyHeartBelongsToDaddy -com - DADDYKinkyLittleCoed -com - or PEDOWantonTemptress -com -  TabooDivas -com - YourSubmissiveSlut -com - Additional info:See the below links regarding credit card fraud:notes -com Phone -aspx ---www -scaminformer -com scam-report dmbtimesinc-llc-dmbtimesinc-llc-owner-donna-m-burns-bad-place-to-buy-from-c -htmlCx had his card used for advertising fees with phonesexcentral over on customer card:www -hotscams -com articles request-verification-phone-sex-scamming-company -html

Post by Guest,

800-200-1638 creepy old man

Post by Guest,

8002001638 You are on auto block - If you want this video to not cause you problems don't contact me again

Post by Ariel,

800-200-1638 Trying to find out who calls from this number -

Post by Victim,

8002001638 Received this call yesterday

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