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Tips and tricks check WHO CALLED from 800-296-8680

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Post by TLR,

8002968680 I also got a call from "Taylor Johnson" -  I actually did a payment (like a fool) on Friday but after getting suspicious cancelled the debit card and notified TWC at their website phone number -  Always contact TWC at a number listed on your bill or on their website

Post by K,

800-296-8680 I have received + calls from this number - It comes up as an Unknown caller but "Taylor Johnson" always leaves a message - I don't even have a TWC account - I've ignored the call everytime but they're calling three times a day and I'm tempted to pick up an give them a piece of my mind if there ends up being a human on the other line -

Post by C,

8002968680 Received a recorded call from -- on two different days -  Taylor Johnson, Time-Warner Cable Co, said she needed to discuss "an important matter" -   Upon returning the call, there was no Taylor Johnson -   Instead, it was supposedly a Time-Warner office in Texas (I live in Ohio) who advised me that my bill was past due and I was going to be disconnected if I did not immediately pay them -   When I attempted to get more details, I was told that they did not have access to my account, but that I had to immediately pay them or I would be disconnected -   I called the regional Time-Warner office which advised that my bill is up to date and the incidents would be reported to their Security Department as a POSSIBLE FRAUD -

Post by Lisa Lisa,

800-296-8680 Same as other post - - - Time Warner Taylor Johnson contact immediately to discuss account -  Call comes up unknown called today and yesterday -  My TW account is in good standing so i did not call back yesterday -  Glad I found these other postings to confirm scam and i will report these calls -

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