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Post by Deb,

8023724395 Got a call from -- at : pm PST on my cell stating my warrenty was about to expire - Tried to call back but no answer - I have no idea who this is cause my warrenty is not about to expire -

Post by Dr. Jeebus,

802-372-4395 They just called my cell phone minutes ago here in Mass, so I guess it's not just west coast - Didn't answer, no voicemail - Never seen this site before, but it's great

Post by dave,

8023724395 minutes ago today -  lucky I didnt pick up -  they didnt leave a message either -

Post by Paul,

802-372-4395 hey, just so you all know - - this is in NO way related to an actual car company - - I'm and i don't own a car, nor have I ever -  I've been called by this number times so far in the last month and the past times, i pushed to talk to a representative then asked what car they are talking about since i don't own one - - they hung up on me -  my hint to you;  play along with thim, scam them back - i know a few telemarketer harrasement jokes that i'm gonna be playing on them next time -

Post by E,

8023724395 Just missed their call at : AM, PST -

Post by boss,

802-372-4395 they  called and asked speak my girlfriend and claimed his name was ty

Post by Stopping Harassing Phone Calls,

8023724395 How to stop harassing calls: www -privacyrights -org fs fs-hrs -htm

Post by chrusher,

802-372-4395 just try to call me but I did not answer - returned the call and got "all circuits are busy now"

Post by david,

8023724395 wow, the phone started ringing a second ago and as it was still ringing i searched google for " area code" and this page came up with the EXACT number it was calling from -i didn't pick up but i got a second message that was probably taken in the middle of a sentence or something iononever knew this site existed before - thaaaaanks

Post by nini,

802-372-4395 same here - i get phone calls from this number almost every days -  Today, i actually waited for someone to answer the phone, and i asked what was this for, the guy just hung up on me - is there a way to avoid receiving this kind of calls???

Post by mx3baby,

8023724395 I received the following:Number: --Name: Andrews, David BNo message was left -  When I called it back, the number was disconnected -

Post by charles,

802-372-4395 just called my cell, i didnt answer and they didnt leave a message

Post by kIRKELLI,

8023724395 i got a call from -- and they identifed themselves as Waranty Division, When i asked why they were calling a number regestered with the National Do Not Call regestary they hung up

Post by Saf,

802-372-4395 Unwanted call

Post by Southern Cali,

8023724395 They just called a few minutes ago on my on my cel phone - I didn't pick up, no voicemail -

Post by kk,

802-372-4395 didn't answer it - no vm - i called back and got a fast busy -

Post by Steve,

8023724395 Just got a call from this number and did not recognize the number or area code, so I did not answer -  Went online to find out where the area code is from - said vermont -  I don't know anyone from Vermont - then I saw this posting and was shocked that the first number on the list was the one calling me -  Glad I found this posting - I will have some fun the next time they call -  Thanks

Post by MKH,

802-372-4395 I got a call from this number today with the "warranty expiration" recording, but I've also been getting the same recording from different numbers - It's a telemarketing call, and has nothing to do with your car warranty, and your dealership did not give your number out - These recordings are even calling the place I got my car from, and my -year-old brother - Also, I don't think the person whose name is in the phone book under the number is responsible -

Post by B~,

8023724395 Just got a call from the same number -  Didn't Answer -

Post by jen,

802-372-4395 Just got the same call- from south hero? vermont- david andrews - - that is what google gave me -  no answer, no voice mail

Post by M. Joseph Miller II. Esq.- [email protected],

8023724395 Called, but hung up b  could answer - I called the number, but the "system" was busy - This is no doubt an automated system that iscalling everyone - -if you state you wish to renew your warranty - -it will forward you to a processing center and begin the scam of charging you money - Ignore these calls and place them on your blocked lists if you have them with your service providers -- Illsueu

Post by rebekah,

802-372-4395 just got a call on my cell(california number), thought it might by a friend who just moved - - no response when I answered - Have received a couple "warranty expiration" messages from a vegas number also on my cell phone over the last month - I never put my cell number on anything which makes it a little fishy that these people have my number at all -

Post by Chris,

8023724395 Got call, no message - Calling my cell phone - Called last week also -

Post by that guy,

802-372-4395 i have been getting calls from a Brodeur, Rene & Terry @() - wanting me to renew a warrenty on a vehicle i purchased from a private owner and dont even have a warrenty - this has been going on for around months about once per month - -i had them take me off thier list (did not talk to a real person)my wife just got a call from Andrews, David B @ () - yesterday with the same warrenty crap - -and a few minutes ago i got another call from the same people i had take me off their list - -this is bullblock #() - & () -

Post by sue,

8023724395 got one a couple of hours ago on my cell phone, didn't leave a voicemail, looked them up on white pages reverse lookup, showed to be David B Andrews in VT - don't know why they are calling me -

Post by meem,

802-372-4395 Saw this on my caller id when got home and looked it up through yahoo search - This person is in VT - Shows only name, city and state - Irritates me as they apparently call ANY number as my number is a new one and not listed anywhere - They must have their machine call consecutive phone numbers and see who picks up -

Post by slp005,

8023724395 missed call from this number - they didn't leave a message - tried to call back and kept getting an 'all circuits are busy' message - googled the area code and found the exact number on this website - obviously a scam -

Post by Receiver,

802-372-4395 Just got a call on my cellphone from these scumbags and rejected the call -

Post by 2remem,

8023724395 DITTODavid B - Andrews - --Call states that your warranty is about to expire and to press blah, blah, blah to extend it - - Received this call several times on cell phones and a couple on house phones -

Post by Dave,

802-372-4395 Yeah, automated call about "last chance" to renew warranty, can't imagine how they got my cell, unless they share database with the service department of the dealer (for non-warranty service) -Anyway, added it to custom ring for telemarketers, now I'll know not to bother answering these calls -

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