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Post by five calls in one day,

8042053251 I got five calls in one day from this number, when I answered the first time it said "one caller in conference" I hung up -

Post by BluegrassFanFromWayBackInDaysofYore,

804-205-3251 "Christie" is the grizzled veteran collection minion who, seemingly without the tel - # "spoofing" software that the bigger collection agency outfits afford their "bullpen"s full of flunkies to use (that show whatever number they wish - -which is why you get -- or -- or whatever the bored telemarketer feels like typing onto their keyboard), uses various locations around town (Richmond, VA metro area), cells phones of friends or family, or wherever she happens to be, in order to trick us into picking up the phoneShe has been the typical collections person, when I have spoken with her, on the phone, with the same attitude of entitlement and righteous indignation that you will find if you speak w collections peopleThey do not care if you're having trouble or whatever

Post by wjohnson,

8042053251 Received two calls from this number, when I answer no one says a word, there's no background noise -

Post by Katie,

804-205-3251 This is a telemarketing company -  The recording that comes on sounds like a girl who is just chit-chatting and then they tell you to press one to be connected -  You have no option to have your name removed from their list -  However, if you hit one to speak to a represantative and ask to have them remove your number they hang up on you -  If you call their number back you get a fax machine -

Post by Snick,

8042053251 I assume this is a collection agency, poss that Christie person

Post by Rex,

804-205-3251 Received a very persistent call from this number - The caller ID intermittently showed "private caller" and this number - They insisted that they were calling to confirm my directory listing in the yellow pages, but the calling confirmation process had me confirming a directory listing for - - Supposedly, I am to receive a -dial trial listing for my business and the opportunity to cancel within days without paying anything - The recording provided a number to call (---) to cancel the service -

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