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Post by Guest,

8042122130 If I don't call back, I'll go to jail - Sorry, I know the Sheriff and more than a few Deputies -

Post by Guest,

804-212-2130 automated call claiming IRS was filing law suit

Post by maria,

8042122130 a threatening message left on my cell -  I called to see who would answer and an "agent" claims to be IRS answered the phone -  I hung up -  I was told by my CPA that the IRS doesn't call to threaten jail time -  They send several letters first -  He also said that there are many prank calls claiming to be the IRS so just ignore it -  I owe nothing to them so I know it is a prank -

Post by Guest,

804-212-2130 This is a recording that says you have criminal charges pending and that you need to call the number to have it resolved -

Post by really,

8042122130 www -irs -gov uac Tax-Scams-Consumer-Alertswww -treasury -gov tigta contact_report -shtmlnotes -com forum ta-cfbfbfa irs-warns-of-telephone-scambigstory -ap -org article bce - - leader-irs-scamReport the Calls to the real IRS here:•report the incident to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration at -- -•You can also file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission at FTC -gov - Add "IRS Telephone Scam" to the comments in your complaint -******Do consider getting a call blocking device or phone - You can google them and many are around - or so -If its a cell phone, some already have call blocking, if not, there are free apps on the web that will work for some - You can google this - If you have a smart phone, there is a free app called call control - Iphones appear to have apps also - Another one is called Mr - Number -For tracfone & straight talk:https: play -google -com store apps details?id - - -tracfone&hlenextras -straighttalk -com enwww -youmail -com home carriers straight-talk block-numberhttps: www -straighttalkwirelessforum -com viewtopic -php?f&t

Post by Guest,

804-212-2130 To I message said I need to respond to criminal counts and I will go to jail if I don't return their call - Some one needs to shutdown these aholes

Post by really,

8042122130 FCC has nothing to do with it -  They are scammers operating out of India and Pakistan and as such beyond the reach of US law -   They spoof local numbers -  Invest in a call blocker -

Post by Guest,

804-212-2130 It's a scam

Post by Scott,

8042122130 I called them back for fun -  :o)  They do have a system that knows what phone number they called so they can look it up -  I gave them another number on different phone call attempts and they couldn't locate it -  Then one asked my "why are you harrassing me?"  LOL  Then I went on a tirade calling them garbage, criminals, POSs, etc -

Post by Cari,

804-212-2130 I received a call from this number stating that I had criminal activities and I was going to be arrested -  I did not call them back -

Post by really,

8042122130 got the same call - The people want my phone number to look up my case- lol - Really -

Post by GMOM,

804-212-2130 I have felonies against me and the case is going to federal court AND the sherrifs office is going to come and arrest me, If I don't call back the sheriff will be here in an hour to arrest me  Really?? Oh and they wished me luck  This was a taped message  Ridiculous they keep doing this

Post by Guest,

8042122130 Spam debt collector

Post by W. Anderson,

804-212-2130 I also received a threatening call from this number advising I will be taken to the courthouse and arrested - I am a paralegal so I know much about this scam so please don't fall for it

Post by Guest,

8042122130 Same as above

Post by Danielle,

804-212-2130 My mother received the same message as everyone above - I called the number to tell them I know they are fake and that I've reported them - That's when he started calling me a worthless [***] among other things Please do not give them money I promise it's a scam

Post by Guest,

8042122130 You need to be in courthouse within couple of hours and the local county sheriff are going to get back to -- - now the only thing that I can do is wish you good luck -

Post by Joe Smata,

804-212-2130 "IRS" called saying documents were being filed in Federal court, and the sheriff was on his way to arrest me - Just a heads up This was the funniest phish call I ever got - I would be surprised if anyone would take this call seriously -

Post by Guest,

8042122130 Same as others warning about five felonies -

Post by Guest,

804-212-2130 another call saying the county sheriff are going to arrest me for felony charges and to call immediately - Leaving the message with "now the only thing that I can do is wish you good luck They should have left that off, because that is what alerted me to it being a scam

Post by Guest,

8042122130 Weird message about being arrested and needing to call to stop it -

Post by Guest,

804-212-2130 lawsuit issued against me - Call as soon as you get message -

Post by amy wickboldt,

8042122130 Robo call informing me that I have criminal charges pending by the IRS and that I will be arrested - I blocked the number yesterday but a new number -- called today so I answered it out of curiosity - It was a guy with a foreign accent telling me his name was Officer James Wade of the Investigation Bureau of the Internal Revenue Service and that I need to acquire an attorney that there are criminal charges that are going to court today and that I will be arrested - I asked what the charges are for he said tax fraud and tax evasion - I already read Tamianth comment so I advise anyone else that receives a call like this to be diligent to file a complaint and block the numbers -

Post by chris,

804-212-2130 AHAHAHAHAHAHA  Who in their right-mind would believe this?  Sadly some do   To these fools I say bring it on  I'm a TAX lawyer -- all I have to say is GOOD LUCK -

Post by Guest,

8042122130 LoL recording says you have charges pending

Post by really,

804-212-2130 got the same call - The people want my phone number to look up my case- lol - Really -

Post by Guest,

8042122130 Same comments as above

Post by Guest,

804-212-2130 Message saying lawsuits will be brought against you and to return call asap

Post by Guest,

8042122130 they said the sheriff would come and arrest us if we didn't call back within two hours - Good deal; I like our sheriff -

Post by Monique Jeppson,

804-212-2130 Recorded voice threatening that I will be arrested -

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