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Post by susan cortinaz,

8042177156 the phone calls are coming again -- they say this is capital one and they would like you to make a payment today - this is getting very annoying and uncalled for -they call at : am til :pm -

Post by devoted016,

804-217-7156 I received times calls from this - A lady name Linda asked me for my social and find that is not in their system and said I will receive a mail showing that they are deleting my number from their system that is a wrong number -Are they Capital One company or are they stealing people's information?

Post by Country,

8042177156 This number has called me times on Sunday morning and leaves no message - I logged onto my Sprint account and blocked them just as I have the others - No more unwanted calls for about weeks and then I have to block another unwanted call -

Post by Fiona,

804-217-7156 I don't have a Capital One card and I never did  Really annoying -

Post by tinishia,

8042177156 Just so u know, there's laws about calling cell phones - All you need to do is tell any sales, collections, etc that they do not have permission to call your cell phone - If that company calls again, for every call you can sue - Sometimes they argue when u say it, but hold your ground - They just don't like it, but they have no choice -

Post by Jane,

804-217-7156 Annoying… Linda recording - she sounds like a sumo wrestler that smokes (no joke) -  She calls times a day (literally) -  I'm only days late (due to being laid off) - very first time I've been late EVER with them -  I even told them the payment was being sent in to them in a few days… -  Not a good way to keep a customer…   Capital One calls from -- and -- and -- and -- (all the same recording with a Linda name)

Post by A.,

8042177156 I get calls from this number like ,, times a day - - and i dont even have a capitol one account Is there any known way to make them stop?

Post by Charles Brown,

804-217-7156 Report an email received which I am sending to you -Avoid Account SuspensionHide DetailsFROM:        Capital One  Message flaggedFriday, January , : AMCapital One(SM) what's in your wallet?     Dear Valued Customer,Your account has been locked due to multiple verification attempts on Security Questions, and your online Profile has been limited for your security - This has been done to secure your account and to protect your privacy - Capital One is committed to making sure your online transactions are secure -We requires further account verification To unlock your account, simply click on the link below - https: www -capitalone -com oas loing -do?verifyIDentity-          www -qtspzx -com images capitalone -gif     Please Note:If we do no receive the appropriate account verification within hours, then we will assume this Bank account is fraudulent and will be suspended - The purpose of this verification is to ensure that your bank account has not been fraudulently used and to combat the fraud from our community -Remember, Capital one is committed to your security and protection - To find out more, take a look at our Information Security section under Privacy and Security on the Web site -We hope you enjoy banking online with Capital One Inc - -© Capital One Services, Inc -Capital One is a federally registered service mark - All rights reserved -Blank Check® is a registered trademark of Capital One Services, Inc -Capital One Services, Inc -

Post by A,

8042177156 They called non stop already times within hour range - - - -I sware they are annoying the hell out of methey left a voice mail - -but I couldn't even understand that w so many ppl in there back round - - - -they didn't even leave the company name

Post by Tim,

804-217-7156 They call and don't leave a voice mail -They call after hours around pm -

Post by Jay Green,

8042177156 Another "Linda" call with an "opportunity", reporting to cap-one  &  [emailprotected] * * JG

Post by aaaaaa,

804-217-7156 They've been leaving messages about some vague "opportunity with your Capital One account -" Today I answered - They try to identify who you are without identifying themselves or stating the reason for the call - If you don't converse with them their way, they hang up on you - Caller ID said "HENRICO" and ()- -

Post by Jessica,

8042177156 Same here and I do have an account and I make all my payments so I do not understand the constant calling - I have been recieving - calls an hour from two seperate numbers about Linda - It is annoying and when I answer it is a recorded message or I get hung up on - It makes no sense - - even after asking not to recieve calls the one time I was able to speak to an actual person -

Post by not dumb,

804-217-7156 this linda [***] calls me from a area code but wants me to call back to a area code dumb [***] [***] lolololol go [***] yourself skanky [***]

Post by Carol,

8042177156 They keep calling my cell, they keep asking for Amanda - I keep telling them there is no Amanda at this number and never has been - I also inform them that they are calling a cell phone and that the number is listed on the Do Not Call Registry - I then tell them to "cease and desist" - They keep calling - It's the same thing with several other numbers that keep calling: --, --, --, --, -- - All claiming to be Capitol One or Chase - I've never done business with either of those rip offs - I've had this number for two other cell services and never had these calls - So I think it's amusing that all these calls are now coming in for this imaginary person named Amanda - Now I am using TracPhone, which is a pre-paid cell service - I believe that TracPhone is doing this to force people's minutes to go out so they have to keep buying more - But guess what, TracPhone? When my minutes hit I'm taking my phone number and my non Capitol One Chase credit card elsewhere

Post by sissy,

804-217-7156 I too have rec'd several calls from Linda Capital - What gives - I hang up, but the pre recorded calls keep coming

Post by bob,

8042177156 same lady from another number that tried to sale educationcall center must be contracted to multitask multiple companies

Post by Tom C,

804-217-7156 I keep getting the same message about opportunities with Capital One - I called the number she'd left and the first thing that was requested by the automated system was my digit acct - number - I'm not that stupid - It could be a scam from who knows where -

Post by marsha,

8042177156 I've had calls today alone -  I don't pick up and no message is left -  Some of the calls are minutes apart - It shows up as Henrico VA on the caller ID - I'm so mad

Post by Shannon,

804-217-7156 I signed up for unemployment insurance so I'd be protected from late fees and all the crap that goes with it in case I ever lost my job -  They paid once but STILL hit me with a late fee knowing damn well I can't pay it  Every single one of their employees goes by the name "Linda" when making several harassing calls each and every day -  I'll change my number before I allow them to harass me any further

Post by Vicki,

8042177156 STOP calling my number immediately -  You shouldn't even have my cell number -  I will take legal action against Capital One now and will report the harassment you are inflicting on this household

Post by very fed up,

804-217-7156 So how about calling at AM? Not good - Calling to solicit sales without permission is bs - -so now we can;t answer our phones or at the very least must be prepared to fend off yet another intruder bent on coercing us -Perhaps these companies should just enjoy the profits they already get and stop spending so much of the profits trying to force more sales -

Post by Robert,

8042177156 I have been receiving these calls several time a day on my new prepaid cell phone - I returned the call and it is being identified as coming from Capital One - The automated answerer wanted account numbers - I just kept repeating "Representative" until I got to talk to a person - He also wanted my name and  account number - I refused - After telling him, heatedly, that I wanted the calls to stop, he hung up on me - I do have a Capital One account; but have never registered my cell phone number with them - I have been dealing with Capital One for years or so and have never had a rep hang up on me - Even though it sounded legit, this makes me wonder if it is really Capital One - Anyway, I immediately registered my cell phone number on the "do not call" registry - Telemarketing a cell phone is illegal - The crooks are suppose to remove a phone number from their calling lists within days after that number is registered - So, at least, after days, I will be able to file a complaint with the FTC about any future calls that I receive - The "Do Not Call Registry" phone number is -- and you must be calling from the phone you want to register -

Post by CAT,

804-217-7156 If you have comcast, you can go on the internet and go to your call manager under voice and then go to call manager on left side of screen and enter the phone number you want screened - You wont hear the phone ring for this number again

Post by Dave,

8042177156 I get - calls a day from this and other numbers all from Linda - I DO have a Cap One acct - and it is current - It does no good to call Cap One becausse they tell you anything to placate you and the calls keep coming -

Post by Dave Z,

804-217-7156 Linda has some exciting opportunities available for you, but sadly, she's a robot -  And we don't trust robots -

Post by Ms.Burnett,

8042177156 Who calls someone at : in the morning?  They call from at least different numbers - I don't have a account with them - The kicker is that these callers are Asian or something - Their not Americans - They always want my personal info - Capital One needs to do a background check on their employees

Post by very fed up,

804-217-7156 So how about calling at AM? Not good - Calling to solicit sales without permission is bs - -so now we can;t answer our phones or at the very least must be prepared to fend off yet another intruder bent on coercing us -Perhaps these companies should just enjoy the profits they already get and stop spending so much of the profits trying to force more sales -

Post by Derek,

8042177156 I keep getting unwanted calls from this number

Post by dana,

804-217-7156 First call at :, two calls since and it's only -am - My fav thing to do?  Pick up, say "hello" - When they answer back say nothing just wait - They'll say hello over and over - When you think they're just about to give up say, "So how's it feel to have YOUR time wasted"?  It's the only thing that equally pisses them off -  It's a numbers game for them and you've just cost them money by slowing them down - Buwhahahahahahaha

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