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Post by SPAM Call - Hate Them !,

8062200264 Live in Amarillo and only answered my cell phone because of the area code - Just a recorded message but hung up after about seconds - I have the number blocked now -

Post by annoyed,

806-220-0264 Message that I won a home security system all they want to do is put a sign in my yard~ free - value ~ I already have security~ SMITH and Wesson~

Post by Guest,

8062200264 they keep calling over and over and over -

Post by TSUTechie,

806-220-0264 Answered this call by mistake - Recorded message telemarketer offer of "free" wireless home security -

Post by RK,

8062200264 Received a call from this number this morning -  Then my spouse about minutes later also received a call from this number -

Post by Guest,

806-220-0264 Never answer but they keep calling

Post by Guest,

8062200264 Still called me today after I blocked and reported to spam and or fraud

Post by Guest,

806-220-0264 Security sales automated call

Post by Guest,

8062200264 Want to give you a hundred dollar security system - It's all a scam to get your info Block them

Post by alyssa,

806-220-0264 I'm with virgin mobile too - I received a call from this () number times in one hour while I was at work - All my phone will tell me is that its a Texas number, but when I try to call it back it says its not a working number -

Post by Robert,

8062200264 Called the number back from another phone at a restaurant and found that the number was no longer in service?

Post by Guest,

806-220-0264 Spam scam robo-call to mobile number on Do-Not-Call list - COMPLAINING HERE DOES NOTHING - Report these SCUMBAGS to www -fcc -gov complaints and https: complaints -donotcall -gov complaint complaintcheck -aspx -

Post by Austin,

8062200264 Yep, called me twice -  Didn't answer the first time, figuring if it was important they would leave a message -  The second call concerned me, so I stepped out of class to answer -  Imagine my excitement when I realized that someone had the audacity to call me TWICE during work hours to give me an automated message about security systems -

Post by george,

806-220-0264 picked up and heard nothing

Post by BDR,

8062200264 Left a voicemail offering a "free" security system -

Post by Guest,

806-220-0264 Called but did not leave a message - I never answer my phone anyway and I'm listed on the DNC list -

Post by Guest,

8062200264 called here but we called the # back and it said not in services

Post by MAD,

806-220-0264 Unwanted call

Post by Not happy,

8062200264 How are these people and how do they get by with this?  I am tired of getting these calls when I am at work -

Post by Guest,

806-220-0264 Ditto to all below These people have been bugging me for years now even tho I have asked them every time they call to remove me from their list - Maybe they think if they bug me enough I'll give in and buy their crap - NOT

Post by Bg,

8062200264 I also received call from this number but did not answer as not in my contacts - They did not leave message so figured a scam or sales call

Post by Guest,

806-220-0264 Trying to sell a security system -

Post by texas panhandle also,

8062200264 Save the number under the heading of Scam and then set ringer to silent, if they do call back you won't be bothered with it ringing -

Post by DP,

806-220-0264 Received an automated call from this number -

Post by texas panhandle also,

8062200264 Save the number under the heading of Scam and then set ringer to silent, if they do call back you won't be bothered with it ringing -

Post by texas,

806-220-0264 I received a call to my cell phone from this number - - I pushed one and a lady quickly answered - I interrupted her and told her that it is illegal to call someones cell phone with an automated message and that i am also on the national do not call list - She quickly said sorry and hung up

Post by DG,

8062200264 A stupid recording telling my home has been selected - Even thought I'm on the DNC list -  So much for that list -  Grrrr

Post by W,

806-220-0264 Just got a call - -its was an automated advertisement -

Post by Robert,

8062200264 Called the number back on another phone and found that it is not in service - It's a home security scam, like anyone would actually do business with bottom feeders like that -

Post by venita morehead,

806-220-0264 They called twice leaving no message -

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