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Post by Guest,

8062529009 AT&T

Post by Guest,

806-252-9009 Call left me a message that they had summon me the number they called from is the same number I use to call my voice mail - I have at&t they are using g alot of my data -

Post by Davis,

8062529009 Can they still hack my phone, even though I didn't pick up, because I heard the voice message?

Post by Guest,

806-252-9009 Who ever is calling needs to stop -

Post by Guest,

8062529009 This is not spam - It is your cell carrier's voicemail gateway -

Post by Keith,

806-252-9009 Leonard zielke is name I come up with out of Tx -

Post by Guest,

8062529009 This is your cell carrier's Voicemail service - Duh

Post by Guest,

806-252-9009 spam

Post by gl,

8062529009 my mother received a call from this number today - being an older person it bothered her not that she recieved the call but that it said she was to be arrested tomorrow at pm and to be ready - there is nothing that she can be arrested for and i am slightly upset at this call implying such things -

Post by Ben,

806-252-9009 I received a voice mail msg from this number, caller did not say a word just stayed on the lineI just hung up

Post by sheila howard,

8062529009 I get calls from this number about times a week - I don't answer - Very tired of getting them -

Post by Cooler,

806-252-9009 Got the same call this morning and asked for me by name

Post by texas,

8062529009 Received a call from this number on my cell phone - They left voice mail - When I checked voice mail, no message left; the number for my voice mail is the same number - Recieve a call from this number often -

Post by Mande,

806-252-9009 Message said it was for American Express - Called back and got a guy who said since it was a recording had no way of knowing what number - Thing that got me was that he said the call was being recorded and asked for my card number without asking any other questions - Said that they were part of a fraud department -

Post by Jeep,

8062529009 I too got a call from this number but I could not understand a darn thing -  It was all spanish -

Post by Guest,

806-252-9009 It's my voice mail number? Lol

Post by Guest,

8062529009 home security crap

Post by donna,

806-252-9009 I keep gettin calls from this number, I don;t know who it is, will not call back

Post by 8062529009,

8062529009 go phone detail shows every call forwarded to this number --

Post by Liz,

806-252-9009 --They called my cell phone times and filled up my voicemail box -The number sent me to an AT&T voicemail box -

Post by jtn,

8062529009 Got a voice mail from this number today - It was my Vet calling to remind me of an appt for one of my dogs - From all the postings above I would guess that someone is spoofing this number - I checked with my Vet and they confirmed that this number is theirs -

Post by Guest,

806-252-9009 profet scamster Call -

Post by Guest,

8062529009 This is my voicemail number - James Graham is what the lookup says - Now the police will have it -

Post by jann,

806-252-9009 I felt that this number was  associated with my voicemail because it seems to appear in connection with voicemail -  i have a straighttalk phone -  My question is this - -is it simply the gateway - or is it screening and monitoring my voicemails -  I do have the number under messages, but many times I have no voicemails when I attempt to check my voicemail in the usual manner -  Please advise -

Post by gringo,

8062529009 wow a beaner with smart an a gaser

Post by Guest,

806-252-9009 This is Not John Curbos number - I do NOT know how to get a hold of him - He borrowed my phone for a couple of days - He took off this afternoon and I have not seen him since - Please do not call this number -

Post by joseph,

8062529009 I have received several calls from this number - have no idea who or what they are referring to, nor do I care -I would like to have the annoying calls to stop, NOWJoseph

Post by Guest,

806-252-9009 Block # - Weird message -

Post by getrealfolks,

8062529009 This is the number to retrieve your voice mail messages - It is not a scam number - If anyone has a strange message when they dial this number, then it was some weirdo who called you, but you didn't answer, so your voice mail picked it up - I know this for a fact, because it's my voicemail nmber, and I have Straight Talk cell service - They use AT&T, and this number is AT&T's voice mail - No conspiracy, folks - It's just your legitimate voicemail service number - Case dismissed -

Post by JIM,

806-252-9009  Keep calling - stop him from calling everyone - thanks

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