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Post by EG,

8064164048 Lol you better than me I am harassing the [***] out of them

Post by Guest,

806-416-4048 I also was contacted by this person, John Marshall, from American Law Enforcement Agency - He threatened me too that I would be arrested on Monday because of default on a loan - I have no loan Now I have read all the comments about this faker, I know it's not real and don't have to worry about it - I am concerned though because he has my actual social security number -

Post by TD,

8064164048 john has a heavy indian accent very hard to understand him -he told me I had a pay day loan and it was a warrant issued for my arrest - I told this [***] to come get me because I know I didn't take out no payday loan - -something needs to be done abt him -

Post by Miss V,

806-416-4048 I just got the same call on my work phone and cell phone, from someone named John Marshall with a thick accent - Stating that there is a lawsuit against me,and then asked me if I knew what it was for -  Then says that he was going to pass me along to his supervisor to give me the details, and when I said I would have to call them back, he said I would be arrested in two days - Then I told him that they were running a scam, he got mad and said "scam, okay, you think this is a scam, you will be arrested" and hung up -  

Post by Lauren,

8064164048 Someone by the name of "John Marshall" called from this number to my employer looking for myself - My employer asked them not to call as it is the law - he hung up the phone - I called the number back from my personal cell phone and talked to a "James Johnson" He asked my name - I gave my first name and said I was not comfortable giving my last name - He proceeded to scream at me that I was going to get in trouble as there is a warrent out for my arrest and hung up - I called back asking for the address - He answered again screamed an address of Washington Blvd - Lubbock Tx - I searched it and this is not a valid address - They stated I was going to be arrested for not paying on a payday loan - I am highly aware you cannot be arrested for this even if it were the case and that I have no payday loans under my name anyway - Please do not give them any of your information especially routing and acct - numbers, they will drain your accts -

Post by E. G.,

806-416-4048 I got  a call from this number as well the person identified himself as John Marshall with the United states law enforcement -  If you get a call from him try heating you and your social the only thing you should be alarmed of is how they got your social they are nothing but scammed trying to scam you out of your money - I have gotten a call from this particular person several times under different names claiming to work for different federal agencies so I spoke with one of my brothers who is a federal agent and he says these people are from over seas buying information from people in the states that may have already been defrauded once before so if you did get a call from these people don't worry about going to jail for what they say and also contact one of the credit bureau's and have them put an alert on your social - Also if they keep calling and won't stop here is a trick that may help you call them repeatedly and harass them they do not like that and all the well do is send you to voice mail and also if they call you again let them know that you know that they are scammers they probably are going to say we'll you will be arrested in days or they just might say f u and hang up - I hope I have been of help now I'm going back to call them and harass them some more -

Post by Kalika M.,

8064164048 I just got this call as well and it scared the hell out of me (excuse my language) - I blocked the number Thank you for this post

Post by KC,

806-416-4048 I also just got a call on my work phone - -the clown has such a heavy indian accent that its hard to understand him -  Same thing as the caller above - -LUBBOX TEXAS, something about a payday loan - -I have no idea and I refuse to call back -  I would suggest that anyone that gets one of these crank calls, IGNORE THEM  I have tried in the past to call them back and just keep at them until they lose their minds - -thats kind of fun - -but was a waste of time and humanity

Post by EG,

8064164048 Lol you better than me I am harassing the hit out of them

Post by EG,

806-416-4048 Call him back repeatedly and harass him they will stop after that

Post by Guest,

8064164048 scammer

Post by Guest,

806-416-4048 Threatened me

Post by EG,

8064164048 Lol you better than me I am harassing the hit out of them

Post by AG,


Post by Guest,

8064164048 Scammer

Post by jshef,


Post by Guest,

8064164048 I am so tired of these folks - They are very ignorant - They are getting people's information off the internet and calling trying to scare people and embezzle money - John Marshall or who ever he is got a dose of his own medicine today - He call stating that he's from some law enforcement agency harassing me - He wouldn't give me any information - He can barely speak English and clearly gets frustrated when you put them on the spot - I hung up on him after a while and called him about - times - All he said was you will be arrested in days - They are stupid - No law enforcement agency calls you to say when you will be arrested - Had this happen a few years ago and I got an actual attorney to contact them - He and the attorney got into it - SMH These people need to be stopped -

Post by EG,

806-416-4048 Call him back repeatedly and harass him they will stop after that

Post by Guest,

8064164048 I was called at my place of work - The person on the other end of the phone, John Marshall Marcell, who seemed to have an Indian accent told me that he was calling from American Law Enforcement (?) I tried to verify the name of the company twice and still couldn't totally understand - Said that he was going to transfer me to his senior to discuss my account - "Senior" told me that he was going to tell me why he was calling and that I was to listen and not interrupt - Advised "Senior" (didn't understand name) that I would interrupt if I had questions so that I completely understood what was going on - He got very angry and hung up on me - I called back and said that we must have been disconnected - Said that he he purposefully hung up on me because I was interrupting and it was making him mad - He said that I was going to be arrested on Monday morning on charges if I didn't pay my past due payday loan balance of - I have never taken out a payday loan so I knew this was not a valid charge - He asked me if I wanted to take care of the balance or be arrested - I told him that I will not be taking care of the balance - He got very angry and said, "I'm issuing your warrant now and you'll be arrested Monday before noon -" I responded with a simple and calm, "okay -" This made him more mad and he said, "You'll be arrested tomorrow" I said okay and and he hung up on me again -

Post by Trina,

806-416-4048 This kind of caller has called me at least a couple times a year from different numbers and states -He had a very heavy accent and very threatening I did call law enforcement -I was very scared and then told it was a scammer -

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