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Post by Jed,

8102218818 Likewise, I got a call from this number around :pm - I bet your right about the "free" security system company -  I get multiple calls a week from them and I have about half a dozen numbers blocked that they have called me from - - doesn't matter that I'm on the federal do not call list -

Post by Guest,

810-221-8818 Free home security

Post by Guest,

8102218818 Free blows

Post by Guest,

810-221-8818 spam

Post by Guest,

8102218818 spam

Post by Guest,

810-221-8818 this is a simple fishing number when asked to push it sends you to another number then originaly dialed its just a simple nusence call

Post by SeBastian,

8102218818 If they don't stop calling, something will [***] explode

Post by Guest,

810-221-8818 H

Post by Guest,

8102218818 Repeated calls; they won't put my # on the 'do not call list;' when you call the number, a recording says it's out of service -

Post by DJ,

810-221-8818 this number calls me once or twice every week, sometimes they try to sell a home security system that "a neighbor recommended me to" and other times, they hang up right away

Post by Guest,

8102218818 security system

Post by Guest,

810-221-8818 Scam illegal

Post by Guest,

8102218818 Stop calling me#

Post by Guest,

810-221-8818 Recording about home security systems - You can press to be removed from their call list

Post by Guest,

8102218818 Spamalot -

Post by Guest,

810-221-8818 Recorded solicitation

Post by Clark,

8102218818 It's an every day thing here , on my cell and on my home phone at least times every dang day I have one time gotten a live person and told them to stop calling me and take me off their list , See how well that worked didn't we? lol It's not funny I know It's a huge pain In the rear

Post by Guest,

810-221-8818 Stop calling me#

Post by Jack Mehoff,

8102218818 These are telemarketing scumbags -So, I have been answering and setting up appointments using the address of my local congressman and alternately governor of my state -Enough people do this, then the legislature will crack down on them finally -Try it - -take a few moments and save yourself hours in the future -

Post by lance,

810-221-8818 calls come in all the time -  i don't answer -

Post by Guest,

8102218818 Leave a comment about the caller here

Post by marsoom,

810-221-8818 Called me today at p -m - UTC - I was busy so didn't answer - No msg left -

Post by Guest,

8102218818 Call and won't speak -

Post by Guest,


Post by Jed,

8102218818 I have also been getting tons of calls from this company - I've asked to be removed from their list, and I put myself on the Federal Do Not Call list several weeks back, and I am still getting calls from this company -

Post by annoyed,

810-221-8818 https: www -aihitdata -com company GLOBAL contacts#mainGive em a call -

Post by mark,

8102218818 My solution when they call me is just start talking Spanish - If they don't know Spanish they just hang up - So funny -

Post by Jose,

810-221-8818 They keep calling my cell phone in violation of the TCPA rules as the do not have express consent to call my number - Called they back many times and asked my number to be removed and they refused -

Post by Guest,

8102218818 Wanting to sell me a home security system - They called my work number; I'm quite satisfied with the armed guards, K squad, and SWAT team already installed at this location -

Post by Missourian,

810-221-8818 Called twice so far and both times I answered and got hung up on - shows up Global from Flint, MI

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