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Post by Guest,

8102349546 Like the others here, male voice said "Hi" then hung up -

Post by Guest,

810-234-9546 Somebody called dont know who it is wierd a spam pls advise

Post by Yoli,

8102349546 Same thing guy called and said hi - then hung up -  Called my cell phone -  Did not and will not call back -

Post by Guest,

810-234-9546 Same thing happened today Just hi and hang up - male voice - Seems for sure spam -

Post by Guest,

8102349546 Hung up when I demanded to know where he was calling from

Post by Guest,

810-234-9546 Received a call to my cell phone - A male voice said "oh hi" and then hung up - How do these a-holes live with themselves?

Post by Guest,

8102349546 yes,,,,,,it was a man's voice but he hung up or we were disconnected

Post by christina,

810-234-9546 Just today I got a call - they said - - hi - - and I said hello a couple times - - the call ended -

Post by Guest,

8102349546 Got a call from this number saying we had talked earlier about lowering my mortgage payments by half since I'm only making minimum payments right now - I dont even have a mortgage

Post by Guest,

810-234-9546 got a call from them around :a today on my cell phone - let it go to voicemail - the start was cut off, but otherwise identical to what hgpot posted

Post by EC,


Post by THOM,

810-234-9546 Got a call - No one spoke - ID showed Michigan -

Post by Princess,

8102349546 Just got a call on my cell phone - -male voice says "yeah Hi"  then hangs up -  Anyone know who this is?

Post by Tom,

810-234-9546 Scam -  Woman called and left message saying we spoke last week about consolidating my debt with interest rates as low as -% -

Post by Guest,

8102349546 Got a Call on my cell phone with an offer to lower my credit card intrest rate to -% and this was the last call that would be made - never had any other calls -

Post by Guest,

810-234-9546 This just happened to me and I called back and asked who was going to pay for the cell phone minutes they used up and the lady hung up on me

Post by Guest,

8102349546 called on my cell phone, said hi and hung up

Post by Guest,

810-234-9546 Got a call on my Metro PCS cell that said hi and hung up -

Post by JO-JO,

8102349546 Same call mans - Said hi then it ended

Post by Guest,

810-234-9546 Received a call on my cell phone - The woman said her name was Ashley James and that we spoke last month - NEVER happened - Offering lower interest rates and said that this would be her last courtesy call - Acted as if we had spoken by saying that I was making only minimum payments - I NEVER discussed my mortgage with anyone -

Post by Sarah,

8102349546 Got this same phone call everyone else did - A man said "Hi" and that was it - I said "Hello?" once more, and then hung up - Apparently from Michigan or something - Just tried calling back for kicks, and the number didn't go through; I got an automated message -

Post by Guest,

810-234-9546 I've gotten many calls from this number, but I have no idea what they are saying because it's always in spanish - They call my cellphone and it's a female, but other than that, I haven't a clue what it is or what it's for -

Post by wiels,

8102349546 Called just minutes ago on my work cell

Post by DSO car 122,

810-234-9546 Got a call from this number on my work phone - Male voice said HI and hung up - SPAM call -

Post by Guest,

8102349546 called on my cell phone, said hi and hung up

Post by Guest,

810-234-9546 The same thing just happened to me - My work phone, male voice, "Oh hi -" Weird -

Post by Guest,

8102349546 Left a VM asking to sell me stuff -

Post by Anon,

810-234-9546 All I heard was "Yeah hi" and the call ended -

Post by -A-,

8102349546 Just got a call from this number, "Yeah Hi" and then the call ended -

Post by Girl95,

810-234-9546 How do u make all these random numbers stop calling ur house and ur cell phone bc its getting really annoying and they never leave any msgs????

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