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Post by Cardsfan,

8132030123 Got a call today but no message left -  Checked this site and think it might be a scam as reported by other posts -

Post by sherry,

813-203-0123 Someone has been calling people using that message in our area in South Carolina the past few weeks - They have not called us, but they are putting our home phone number on their callerid when they make the calls - My home phone has been ringing off the hook with people who see missed calls and call back wondering who called (I guess it doesn't leave a message) - I finally got to speak with a person who listened to the message today and then called back the number on her caller id (our home phone) - I told her the callers are probably scammers (since they are spoofing our # as their caller id) - She wanted me to give her the free yard sign - -sigh -

Post by Cargill, Inc.,

8132030123 Call made to employee's company supplied cell phone -

Post by bowwow,

813-203-0123 just got a call from this number -  it was something about fbi stats

Post by اامغرب,

8132030123 سعدة  

Post by Christine,

813-203-0123 I requested for my number to be removed numerous times and still they call all the time trying to sell a home security system -

Post by Guest,

8132030123 security system

Post by Very annoyed,

813-203-0123 This --- continues to call my cellular number and I am fed up  I will report it to the authorities -  This should be illegal

Post by Chris,

8132030123 RWS said it perfectly so I copied him her: Called my cell phone with message about burglaries and I hung up

Post by Alicia McGuire,

813-203-0123 I don't want anymore calls that i don't know please stop calling me if u aren't going to leave a voicemail message -

Post by Guest,

8132030123 keeps calling after I told them to stop

Post by Guest,

813-203-0123 tried to call back

Post by Guest,

8132030123 sales call for a home security system

Post by Guest,

813-203-0123 sales

Post by Candis,

8132030123 nd time today got a call from this # on my cell - missed calls both times - tried to call back no answer - is in the area - thought someone was trying to get in touch - it bother me that I the call would not go through - glad it's nothing to worry about -

Post by Mare,

813-203-0123 I got a mis- call from this number also -  If they call again and I make contact I will ask them to send me a sign for my yard, then I will give them the address of my local Police Department -

Post by Nunya,

8132030123 Caller is an idiot selling "home security" that IGNORES the do not call list -With the NSA and the government logging everyone's calls these people should have been burned at the stake by now

Post by RWS,

813-203-0123 Called my cell phone with message about burglaries and I hung up -

Post by Ladygonzo20,

8132030123 Got this on my cell phone - - -my # is only known with my parents, brother & his wife, my husband, and no one else - - - -

Post by Stephen,

813-203-0123 Have been getting calls from them for months, Keep getting live person who says that I own a house - (I do not own a house not have I ever owned a house) I have begun logging the call dates times and plan to seek legal action against them, which I inform them of my intentions every time I call -

Post by jdg,

8132030123 my phone was called every minutes - About times - I never answered - No message left from caller -

Post by Guest,

813-203-0123 calls all the time

Post by Nikki,

8132030123 Just called me, didn't leave a message - - ANNOYING

Post by Steve,

813-203-0123 Got a call, no one on the other end - -annoying - - -

Post by ToscasKiss,

8132030123 Got a call earlier today on cell -  Didn't answer, no message -  Just one in an occasional series of unwanted scam calls, the numbers of which I save as "Scam," in case they call again (I've trained myself to never answer if I don't know the number) -  I keep wondering what action it is I took that got my number on these call lists -  I guess some of those companies or organizations aren't really honest when they say they'll NEVER share your information with other parties -  Annoying -

Post by Ek,

813-203-0123 I got a call and picked up but no answer - Called # back and what a suprise - -could not complete call at this time -  On my radar now - -

Post by Guest,

8132030123 spam

Post by Guest,

813-203-0123 Fake

Post by Memphis, TN,

8132030123 Got a call from this number on my cell phone which  is on the do not call registry, which does not work, as I get calls from solicitors all the time at home and on my cell -

Post by Stevo11101,

813-203-0123 I just had a call from this number which I didn't answer - But based on the comments and comment dates here, I would say that this is some kind of scam with a lot of recent activity -

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