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Written by shaerichards, 2019/11/10

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Shaerichards 81345500325

  • 2019/11/10 (10 months ago)

If want you saying about her is true jack please come out and meet us in court in any court. Would love to see you..


Donaldmoser 81345500325

  • 2019/10/30 (10 months ago)

I almost forgot to add Andrew was instrumental in investigating and exposing many Expat fraudsters now residing or doing business in Thailand especially Bangkok. This has included boiler rooms. He also works for a number of British newspapers and TV stations.Mr Fernandez and Mr Slew can easily be traced and their addresses confirmed. I am happy to offer assistance..


Kesterson 81345500325

  • 2019/10/28 (10 months ago)

Called me and promised a lot of money.....


Sylviacarey 81345500325

  • 2019/10/28 (10 months ago)

Amie never got money from jack. Not even a child support. Actually living her life away from Asia. Where law can be control by jack illegal money. A  You sound angry on her. Why are you one Fernandez allies. Are you scared that she might mention your really identity?.


Jamali 81345500325

  • 2019/10/21 (11 months ago)

We are working on a forum devoted to these companies and the people who managed them. I will forward a link when it is completed. Best wishes!.


Julieann 81345500325

  • 2019/10/13 (11 months ago)

Sorry!! Am not associated with those scam bags A ..am just an ex that's all. We might have a common child. But Me and my daughter has A nothing to do with Fernandez. I have manage to survive all his abuse and happily manage to race my child alone without his help. A  Actually federal police asking me to help them. Want me to testified to convict them in Philippine and in Thailand where Fernandez is.. A  A  A  A  A  A  A  A  A  A  A  A  A  A  A  A  A  A  A  A  A  A  A  A  A  A  A  A  A  A  A  A  A  A  A  A  A  A  A  A I don't want to be involve. A I love my quite healthy life. To all that has been scammed by this thief. Dont worry!!! Karma is true..


Ryanclearwater 81345500325

  • 2019/10/11 (11 months ago)



Charlotte 81345500325

  • 2019/10/09 (11 months ago)

Hi my name is jack Norton, i'm with stock fraud watchers, we have filed a legal claim against this company you dealt with, lefroy-hudson. If you would like we have details on the current name change of this company and the location of the people which signed as principal signatories on the banks they used to steal peoples money. Email me at [email protected]


Bulan 81345500325

  • 2019/09/17 (1 year ago)

Couldn't agree more, the more information victims can share the better but people are getting involved that have nothing to see with these scams. Like Amie and her little daughter who she's raising up on her own and is doing an excellent job.on the other hand, Jack Fernandez is A frustrated because Amie left him and thinks that all the information about him here comes from Amie but I ensure you all, he has lots of enemies in the people that worked for him in different call centers and other places. They also posts information.So message for Jack, Chris and Nailing I ll give you some good advice :stop attacking Amie Anonymous on the Internet. People know you are involved in scams and put all these rubbish about Amie on the Internet.you all think your safe with your money in the country you live in because corruption is there national sport but soon it will be over!!!!!And for Julia maybe you can delete the false attacks on Amie..


Mota 81345500325

  • 2019/09/03 (1 year ago)

Sorry, .but Jack Fernandez wasn't in any of the photos in the link you have shared, he is a bald, fat (stocky) bloke..


Hassan 81345500325

  • 2019/08/31 (1 year ago)

Andrew van Slew. Is in Bangkok Thailand. Living with his wife and son in one of A the unit in ascot residence..


Audette 81345500325

  • 2019/08/16 (1 year ago)

Some important comments have been deleted, what is going on?We should make an web blog about Joaquin Hipolito Fernandez (Alias Jack Fernandez) and Criss Petersson...


Harry 81345500325

  • 2019/08/16 (1 year ago)

Hi my name is jack Norton, i'm with stock fraud watchers, we have filed a legal claim against this company you dealt with, A If you would like we have details on the current name change of this company and the location of the people which signed as principal signatories on the banks they used to steal peoples money. Email me at [email protected] A In any case, you ave a nice day.


Myatt 81345500325

  • 2019/08/14 (1 year ago)

Where you from milker?.


Elianacamacho 81345500325

  • 2019/08/14 (1 year ago)

I told you jack. A You would never see your daughter again unless you paid me. A I will never stop writing until you pay me. A You know that..


Halizah 81345500325

  • 2019/08/12 (1 year ago)

No don't, but I like i said he can be without a doubt easily traced especially without too much difficulty as expat circles in Bangkok are incredibly small and from other trails Mr. Fernandez has undoubtedly left. The provision of data protection laws and privacy protection do not apply in Thailand as they do in other more developed countries. I would respectfully suggest that telephone numbers even if found can be routed through any destination or location and would not be a good indicator of his location or residence. It is much better to have Intel', hard facts and confirmed sightings so that the appropriate action can be taken against this individual by Thai Government agencies acting at the request of foreign embassies who have national agencies like the FBI, SOCA UK or Aussie Police involved.The foreign agencies have to be involved and in attendance otherwise strange "errors" might occur or unusual decisions made by local police agencies. There are also a host of other issues that may occur before during or even after the involvement of the Royal Thai Police.These unexplained and unusual decisions often happen here in Thailand and have in the past especially where financial crimes and large sums of money are involved.I am in no doubt that if in Thailand he can be found easily.


Evangeliapapadopoulou 81345500325

  • 2019/08/08 (1 year ago)

Tyranny like body. A LOLPlease post some pictures of her. A This is getting interesting for a change vs the "victim" statements like the obvious court documentation being false. A When faced with the unpleasant but very real truth deny, deny, deny..


Morrisnorman 81345500325

  • 2019/08/06 (1 year ago)

He asked me to set up a call center for him. I know everything. How he operates. His now in Bangkok Thailand. I will send the information to British police in your country. Or tell me where to send it.? He operates now in Jakarta..


Turcotte 81345500325

  • 2019/07/27 (1 year ago)

Here a lawyer in Phil..


Reyes 81345500325

  • 2019/07/22 (1 year ago)

Hi can you give me his location?.


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