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Post by notachanceLOL,

8182016758 I just got a call and he couldn't get anywhere with me and ended the phone call by saying or directing me to "go to hell Bi#ch"  hmm love to talk with him again - - - - -

Post by Guest,

818-201-6758 Very important call and disconnects

Post by Guest,

8182016758 Got another phone call (:am) from an out-of-state number that I didn't "know" or recognize - I didn't answer, but looked up the number here - They left no message - I am on the National Do-Not-Call List, and have been for over a year now - (I guess this is our government at work for us -) I'm going to www -fcc -gov complaints AND to https: complaints -donotcall -gov complaint complaintcheck -aspx and see if that can get the government to work for me, and stop these calls - (Yes I will again go through all those steps -) We should all pile on - [I have also bookmarked these URL's -]

Post by Nicole,

818-201-6758 Seriously, i called back and it the voice mail recording was some guy burping -What a pig - I get calls EVERYDAY from these people and always from a different numberI have had enough i have reported every number to the DNC registry - i hope they can catch them soon

Post by Guest,

8182016758 Credit card debt company - - Says they will lower your rates but not a real company

Post by Dale Davis,

818-201-6758 Received robo calls from this number - When I called it back, I was greeted with a loud belch - How can this be stopped?

Post by Ed,

8182016758 received a message about reducing my credit card -  I pressed button to speak to an operator and they hung up on me -  I tried to call back, the message was a belch and unable to receive messages

Post by Michele,

818-201-6758 They called my cell phone and my boss took it away because we can't have calls at work

Post by BL,

8182016758 "Time is running out to lower your interest rate this is your second and final notice to speak with an operator press -"  Looks like scammers are looking to do their Christmas shopping, eh -

Post by Eric,

818-201-6758 she is lying -lol - I receive multiple calls a day, from different #'s - All claiming to be able to reduce your cc rates - I have talked to different people, they say the same thing and never remover your # - some can be cordial, most are extremely rude, and will just laugh in your face or call you names when asking to be removed from the list - HEADS UP PEOPLE, IF YOU STOP GIVING THESE GUYS YOUR CREDIT CARD #'S THEY WILL GO OUT OF BUSINESS help spread the word, tell everyone you know to NOT give business to these people - -

Post by stubs,

8182016758 Don't these idiots know by now that we are smarter then they are - They should go back to kicking the can down the street - - -

Post by Tom,

818-201-6758 I got this call also -  I pressed "" to talk to someone -  I then proceeded to say hello while the guy was talking to someone else -  He then ask me if I have a credit card over -  I said hello again to get the guys attention and he then hung up -  I called back but the idiot belched as well on the recording -  I will block the number -

Post by Dixie,

8182016758 Been calling me for over a month - tried every approach - just got another call - reported on FCC website this time - I am on national do not call list - got "burp" message - can we call the phone system owner?? SOMETHING - - UGH

Post by Mary,

818-201-6758 recieved called this morning -  They did not reply when I answered the phone

Post by Lynne,

8182016758 Surprise, surprise, it was my friend Rachel yet again, with my final offer yet again - Oh how I wish that could be my final offer - Can't somebody please wipe these fungi off the face of the earth?

Post by Guest,

818-201-6758 i'm on the do not call registry, however, I get these odd calls from telemarketers all hours of the day and night - TOTAL waste of time - This one never leaves a msg, identifies who they are or what they want - If I answer they hang up - I'm in Utah, am debt free and go to school full time - Would change my number if it would make a difference but that would just open up more calls to wrong number - Grrr

Post by BP,

8182016758 Doesn't do a bit of good to ask to be put on their Do Not Call list - They hang up on you - But a whistle blown at strategic times seems to be effective -

Post by Guest,

818-201-6758 Company wanting credit card number after offering better APR - My number is on the Do Not Call list - They were not affiliated with my credit card company -

Post by Virginia,

8182016758 Been getting a call from this number couple times a week - This time I pressed one to talk to someone - They didn't say a company name - When I said I wanted off the list, they started saying obscenties - Calling back does no good since they have a prerecorded message - I reported them to the do not call list since I am on it -

Post by The Stig,

818-201-6758 This same thing happened to me - Pretty disturbing - Nothing like someone burping in your ear

Post by Kate,

8182016758 I received a call from this number telling me I'd won million dollars in a lottery - Could barely understand the guy - And, yes, I'm on the DNC list

Post by JG,

818-201-6758 I get these same calls several times a week from various parts of the country -  Well, I mean, from several area codes -  Yes, it is always the same thing: lowering my credit card interest rate -  When you tell them you are on the DNC list, they hang up on you -  I wonder if anyone really falls for this scam -

Post by anneliese westenhofer,

8182016758 I have received numerous calls for the last many weeks - I hang up, but they need to stop -  They keep trying to push me to get a better interest rate on my credit card -  Thsi last call aludes to fiancial stimulus -  They need to stop -

Post by d1206s,

818-201-6758 it is a sale call it is the worst sellers ever it has  tereble puducks

Post by Guest,

8182016758 Didn't answer, it was an out of area call which I don't answer

Post by BP,

818-201-6758 Doesn't do a bit of good to ask to be put on their Do Not Call list - They hang up on you - But a whistle blown at strategic times seems to be effective -

Post by carol parker,

8182016758 REPEATED calls from such as this number -  There must be some way to block these folks -  Very irritating -

Post by Jennie Sanchez,

818-201-6758 DO NOT CALL

Post by Guest,

8182016758 Cc co

Post by Guest,

818-201-6758 S pam

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