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Tips and tricks check WHO CALLED from 828-656-4712

  • Report all suspicious calls and scam phone numbers found in Ads, Calls, Texts & Websites
  • Protect yourself from scammers and spammers
  • Don’t pick up on an unidentified number
  • Make a note of the unknown number
  • Run the digits through a Reverse Phone Lookup to search for information about the caller, which may include details like social media profiles, photographs, and job histories created on LinkedIn
  • Use Facebook To Look Up An Unknown Caller

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Post by Brandon Cree,

8286564712 If I ever win the lottery, I will offer rewards to anyone who can locate, remove these scam *sswipes - I get calls every day at least three to four times a day -  I am full time college and would pay to watch anyone of them hanged at the neck until dead -

Post by WW,

828-656-4712 Called my cell - I didn't answer as usual -

Post by Guest,

8286564712 Credit card scam - I'm on the do not call list but this group and others won't stop calling -

Post by mastman,

828-656-4712 Just shows up as NC, USA -  Did not answer and no message left - Expect it is spam - Getting added to my contacts as Spam #, though they never seem to show the same number twice -

Post by razwoker,

8286564712 called my cell phone at noon today - I did not answer - I don't know anyone in North Carolina - I live in So - Cal -

Post by Rochelle Lester,

828-656-4712 I keep getting unsolicited calls from this number -

Post by David,

8286564712 The best way of discourage these type calls is not to answer it - If you answer, they will put your number in the live folder and keep calling you back -

Post by Guest,

828-656-4712 credit card relief crap

Post by Guest,

8286564712 Keeps calling

Post by Annoyed,

828-656-4712 Yea, Same here from -- Credit card interest rates haven't been that low for at least years or longer Legitimate credit card companies do not call anybody unless there is suspicious activity going on and or if the credit card has been reported lost or stolen & the company needs to verify something with the account holder The legitimate companies never uses unidentified numbers or Robo calls not even for their specials promotional offers

Post by Guest,

8286564712 Keeps calling and no message on my cell phone - I don't answer and I block the number - And another one will appear in a week or so -

Post by leafletsgma,

828-656-4712 Received to calls to my cell phone one in the morning and one in the evening -  I don't know who or what this person is and why they are calling me -

Post by Guest,

8286564712 phishing expedition number - cant call back - they left no message -

Post by Guest,

828-656-4712 Calls leaves NO MESSAGE -

Post by Guest,

8286564712 Phone rings, no one on line, call back and get message "Number has been disconnected" but they just called on it Irritation

Post by anon,

828-656-4712 Has anyone considered the possibilities of idiots who are associated with this "card services" type of places making irrelevant posts or accusations on sites such as this simply to confuse the consumers they wish to target?

Post by Guest,

8286564712 No message,

Post by yvonne,

828-656-4712 I received calls from this number but they leave no message -  SCAM -  

Post by Guest,

8286564712 Called my cell phone- left no message- Called right back- got recording that the number was disconnected or no longer in service - Apparently "spoofed" phone number on a phishing expedition -

Post by Craig - Boise,

828-656-4712 This number - has called my cell repeatedly -  When I answer - no one is there -

Post by Joy,

8286564712 Spam Spam Spam Robocall

Post by Elaine,

828-656-4712 My cell phone and my home phone are both on a do not call list -

Post by Guest,

8286564712 Called cell, I missed call, checked area code and showed No - Carolina, returned call got recording saying number was disconnected and not in service - Called me less than minutes prior to me calling back -

Post by Guest,

828-656-4712 Phishing

Post by Cindy,

8286564712 STOP calling [***] hole

Post by annoyed,

828-656-4712 --  Credit Card Scam, Fraud, ID Theft, Identity Theft -  left a message on my phone - Blocked it

Post by Guest,

8286564712 Account services scam

Post by Mattlth,

828-656-4712 I just received a call from this number, and I did not answer it -

Post by nlebou,

8286564712 Same here - Called back, got msg saying number had been changed or disconnected -

Post by Guest,

828-656-4712 credit card scam

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