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Written by ct, 2019/11/10

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Ct 8505889119

  • 2019/11/10 (10 months ago)

got a call from this number today and without identifying who they were asking to verify they have the right number for ....... I didn't say anything except i hung up.... if someone does call for someone in my household i dont give personal information over the phone ESPECIALLY when they dont clearly state who they are and why they are calling but demand information from me even if i dont know the person they are calling for AND THEY DONT BELIEVE ME.


Enlow 8505889119

  • 2019/07/07 (1 year ago)

The unknown caller did not identify himself, his company nor the purpose of the call. He initiated the call by asking me if I knew John McCall. Despite responding that I did not know the person he became manipulative and began harassing me. upon requesting him to identify himself and his company he refused, became pointlessly argumentative. He then lied stating it was I who called him. at this point I hung up. I am going to follow up  as each of us can and should do with the Better Business Bureau. This is harassment and the culprit can and will be investigated by the BBB.


Jeanette 8505889119

  • 2019/03/31 (1 year ago)

just got yet another call...answered and the gentlemen who told me his name was Charles Alexander from DEF Services. said he was trying to contact me, when i said it was me, said he had to give me info to call a law firm and and a case number. i started questioning him as to way and what  and he said he had no info on that. i told i knew the number he was calling from was a scam and that i had already turned it in to the AG's office.  He told me it was definitely no scam and i said give the name of the law firm and the number and i would give it to my attorney and he hung up on me without giving me the info..


Nassar 8505889119

  • 2019/03/02 (1 year ago)

Same as noted above as well as asking for SS #.


Peggyfang 8505889119

  • 2019/03/01 (1 year ago)

Wont stop calling, at least 𝟳 calls in ten min..


Zhao 8505889119

  • 2018/12/01 (1 year ago)

They are becoming a nuisance - I am looking into who to report them to  The name they gave me came up on the internet as a manufacturer of some sort who would never be calling me.


Martaszabo 8505889119

  • 2018/04/11 (2 years ago)

said they were calling from Nationwide Private Search -Caller ID says this is a Panama City, Florida number.   referred me to another company who they were calling on behalf of.. Called - the second number and they refused to identify the name of their firm.. all they would say is a suit was filed against me.  .


Rubenstein 8505889119

  • 2018/01/18 (2 years ago)

My son got a call from this number also.   It is a scam..


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