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Tips and tricks check WHO CALLED from 855-974-6089

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  • Protect yourself from scammers and spammers
  • Don’t pick up on an unidentified number
  • Make a note of the unknown number
  • Run the digits through a Reverse Phone Lookup to search for information about the caller, which may include details like social media profiles, photographs, and job histories created on LinkedIn
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Post by david,


Post by Anonymous,

855-974-6089 TO ALL WITH CALLS FROM () -DO NOT ANSWER THE CALL I CAN ASSURE YOU IT IS A SCAM TO STEAL YOUR IDENTITY I have done research and found the actual number for the EOSCCA is () -Do not answer the scam caller The EOSCCA is a debt collection company that does their job as they should, the unknown caller is posing as the EOSCCA to ruin the company's reputation and steal your identity

Post by Guest,

8559746089 this one calls my cell phone - No one but family have my number

Post by robocalled,

855-974-6089 Called me repeatedly - No message - Blocked number -

Post by Ramon,

8559746089 Call to cell - I will not answer

Post by Molly,

855-974-6089 This number is ringing my cellphone DAILY - STOP

Post by I'm Batman,

8559746089 Sorry I do not know the name of the company, I asked for the name and it kept on changing each time they tried calling me - It takes - seconds for a response after answering and when they finally answer the first thing they have to say is " what is your ss#?" - They refused to give reason why they needed my ss#, address, and name - I receive this phone call times a week even though I constantly tell them to stop calling me and now it's at the point where it's a game on who hangs up first -Now every time they ask for my name I just shout IM BATMAN Every time they ask for your name I encourage you to tell them that your Batman and when they proceed to ask further questions just keep telling them that your Batman until they hang up -Fight back against scammers and remember your Batman

Post by RDee,

855-974-6089 Caller usually calls daily - - -sometimes several times a day -  I never answer the telephone -  My voice message tells all callers that are solicitators, telemarketers or sales people to hang up immediately because my telephone only excepts messages from family and friends -  The caller waited for the beep, then just fumbled around making moving noises with the telephone before hanging up without leaving a message -  I am reporting the caller to FTC and DNC websites -  Hopefully these harrassing phone calls will stop annoying me in the comforts of my home -  They will never get an answer -

Post by ed jones,

8559746089 shady people would not say who they were or what they wanted -

Post by Hater of Human Beings,

855-974-6089 They claim that this number -- is at a Denver location -   Their main website has virtually no physical addresses listed, that I can find -www -eos-cca -com Longwater DrNorwell, Massachusetts () -  -  Supposedly consumer hotline -______________________________________BBBThis Business is not BBB AccreditedEOS CCAFind a Location() -View Additional Phone Numbers McEwen Ste , Dallas, TX eos-cca -comBBB® Non-Accredited D- RatingOn a scale of A+ to F- See more at: www -bbb -org dallas business-reviews co - - h -WwSfCYiP -dpuf

Post by m.manz,

8559746089 RepeaTed calls - Dont knowe them -

Post by Tired of bs calls,

855-974-6089 Caller id said: unknown, --I never answer unknown or blocked calls regardless if a number is displayed or not -We should answer the calls and ask for their address so we can get a job and pay off our "debt" I sure hope Isis gets these call centers in India on their radar and blow them up -

Post by fed up with scam callers,

8559746089 call came in at PM  Robo Call  told them it is illegal and calling my cell number in FLA  Told them I have their number and I will refer it and their call to Morgan and Morgan  for prosecution for illegal phone calls in FLA

Post by Guest,

855-974-6089 Spam robo call, keeps calling, no one there if call is answered, on no call lists, never leaves msg

Post by JakeTehRipper,

8559746089 Get calls from this number almost daily, I answer each time and every time I pick up I'm greeted with about seconds of silence on their end and they hang up - I called them back promptly this last time ( ) and I ask why they keep calling me and they just say "please hold" and I hung up -

Post by mary,

855-974-6089 call me times in a day - annoying -

Post by Tammy,

8559746089 I went into my phone settings & added the number to my blocked list (actually it is the only number on my blocked list)Hope this helps you as well

Post by Guest,

855-974-6089 keeps calling even though I have it blocked and they never leave a message - They don't seem to care about when they start caling or stop calling for the day -

Post by Brittany Petros,

8559746089 It's a collected agency i never answered when there call -

Post by ron,

855-974-6089 It doesn't - This site provides information from those who have received calls, emails and texts from scammers - They share what the calls emails texts were about and often ideas and advice are given to help others who have received similar calls - Last year  I was researching a number who had called my landline - I found a post concerning call blockers, which I hadn't realized were available - Because of that, I searched Amazon and found the best one for me -There are posters who provide links to many sites that are extremely helpful to others -

Post by Ramon,

8559746089 Called my personal cell number - No message -

Post by SGR,

855-974-6089 notes -com arts JbEW-eDhQA harassin - - ou-need-to-knowSee Residents post here also:notes -com forum ta-afabab unending-collection-callsTemplates of Letters:notes -com Phone -aspx ---www -ftc -gov os statutes fdcpajump -shtmwww -consumerfinance -gov askcfpb search - -www -consumer -ftc -gov articles pdf--fair-credit-reporting-act -pdfwww -consumer -ftc -gov articles -debt-collectionAnd see:www -fbi -gov scams-safety********************************www -ic -gov media -aspx******notes -com forum ta-ecabcbb - - service-attacks************www -clarkhoward -com news clark-howard - - r-phones ndFc *****************www -net-security -org article -php?id***************notes -com forum ta-acdad - - ************www -consumer -ftc -gov articles -fake-debt-collectors************www -deadiversion -usdoj -gov pubs pressreleases extortion_scam -htm******************www -fdcpa -me fake-process-server-injunction ******************notes -com forum ta-bbcbc - - net%s-tactics*******************dfi -wa -gov consumers alerts cashnet-payday -htm*****www -cashnetusa -com consumer-notices******To File complaints FDCPA TCPA violations:Your State Attorney GeneralTheir State Attorney generalwww -naag -org (you can find your state AG at this link) -https: www -ftccomplaintassistant -gov #&panel-www -consumerfinance -gov complaint www -rcfp -org reporters-recording-guide state-state-guideFor Extortion Scam Operations,  File reports with the FBI, your state attorney general and Department Of Justice,CFB,FTC & FCC -www -nwc -org www -ic -gov default -aspxwww -fbi -gov https: www -ftccomplaintassistant -gov #&panel-https: esupport -fcc -gov ccmsforms form -actionwww -consumerfinance -gov complaint www -fraud -org www -stopfraud -gov report -htmlTip off FBI about this extortion attempt by filing form at: stips -fbi -gov

Post by Tired of bs calls,

8559746089 Ask him what kind of candy - Snickers, gum, lollipops, nerds?

Post by BobYeahItsBob,

855-974-6089 Someone from this number just called my roommates CELL phone - Woman (hood rat judging by the sound) asked for ME by name - No clue how they got his number(even i have to look it up in my phone) - When he said there was no one there by that name, she said 'uhh, huuuh' (thus the hood rat) then hung up -

Post by Sarah,

8559746089 I keep getting calls from this number so I decided to call them back this morning - The guy I spoke to sounded foreign and was so rude - He kept asking for my full name and phone number - I gave him a fake name and asked what type of company this was, he then kept dancing around the question and got more and more aggravated and finally told me to be quiet so he could speak - The f*****g nerve of him -

Post by Guest,

855-974-6089 Wow how r u guys so clueless - These ppl are spying on u, do not answer nor call back - They attempt to get info from your ph such as messages, pics,contacts ect - U have been warned - - - Beware,,

Post by DG,

8559746089 They are violating federal collection laws -File a complaint and they will be fined and or shut down -If we don't file complaints they continue to break federal collection laws and harass people

Post by Sue,

855-974-6089 This number calls me multiple times every day -  Will not leave a message and when I answer I say hello about times and then hang up -  Annoying and unwanted and I cant get it to stop

Post by Guest,

8559746089 Owner is based in United States Toll-Free - CONSTANT< PERSISTENT INTERRUPTIONS -

Post by Guest,

855-974-6089 Harassing me on my home phone too

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