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Post by Guest,

8655887613 Called a "free phone" number that was government issued for people with low incomes - In fact, it still has the name of a mexican woman on it, that also shows up in caller ID's (as this person -)

Post by Guest,

865-588-7613 did not answer and caller hung up in my face

Post by johnny,

8655887613 wrong number, stop calling

Post by Guest,

865-588-7613 Calls from automated service, then puts me on hold -

Post by Guest,

8655887613 Keep calling after i tell them they have the wrong number -

Post by annoyed in ga,

865-588-7613 i get a call from this number its a collection agency from when i had a hospital bill - they are very rude period -

Post by talk when I answer,

8655887613 This company calls me once a week or so -  I answer -  They say nothing -  Once I answered and it was a recording that said "This is an important call for ***" -  I have had the same house for nearly years and have no delinquency with the utilities and had the same cell phone company since NYE -  All I have are delinquent medical bills -  Don't call if you can't be professional, identify yourself, stay on the line and clear up your mistakes -

Post by Guest,

865-588-7613 Bill collector

Post by Guest,

8655887613 bill collector

Post by Guest,

865-588-7613 A recording with a Guy's voice trying to sell me something -

Post by brave,

8655887613 Yes, it is a collection agency for delinquent utility bills, etc - When they answered, they would not tell me who they were -

Post by Guest,

865-588-7613 I didnt answer -

Post by YC,

8655887613 Rec'ed call do not answer

Post by wrightone,

865-588-7613 Getting calls from this company too - They start at AM - I love my caller ID~

Post by stephanie hannah,

8655887613 They would not say who they were and they said they would continue to call -

Post by RMK,

865-588-7613 Still comes from Frost-Arnett collections -  I have gotten a couple of calls in April -

Post by Emily,

8655887613 Collection agency w a bill for my ex from like yrs ago at a prior address (probably why they haven't gotten through to anyone) - Was very polite -

Post by MB,

865-588-7613 Frost Arnette

Post by Cell south?,

8655887613 Frost-arnett - They want to collect on a cellular south bill, I hadn't ever heard of the company until that day

Post by Guest,

865-588-7613 Spamming -

Post by Guest,

8655887613 Debt collector

Post by Guest,

865-588-7613 can't understand the person spam wants personal info -

Post by Guest,

8655887613 Im da wrong persob

Post by Guest,

865-588-7613 ?

Post by Guest,

8655887613 Telemarketing

Post by Living in Atlanta,

865-588-7613 No idea why they'd be calling me if it's an attorney's office in Tennessee - - I've never lived there - They called, I ignored it, they didn't leave a message -

Post by Guest,

8655887613 This number continues to call after I have requested to be removed from their list

Post by brave,

865-588-7613 Yes, it is a collection agency for delinquent utility bills, etc - When they answered, they would not tell me who they were -

Post by Guest,

8655887613 Spam

Post by mary mac,

865-588-7613 Get caller id and dont ever return the call, let them call untill thet get tired

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