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Post by Jay,

8664592530 I just received a call from this number -  It was nothing more than a hang up -  I've learned that telemarketing companies require their grunts to make X number of calls per day -  So keep their numbers up they just call hang up and move on -

Post by Hal Allert,

866-459-2530 How do I stop them from calling me again?

Post by RV,

8664592530 call and then hang up -  The number they called was on the do not call list

Post by Oldnweiser,

866-459-2530 Nuance called be five months ago trying to get me to upgrade the Dragon Dictate program I bought three years ago - I told them then my mac and iPhone kick their voice recognition's butt and to take me off their calling list - They called again an hour ago - - and I reminded them that my # is also on the govt DNC list

Post by Guest,

8664592530 Lend money

Post by Guest,

866-459-2530 Telemarketer for nuance software

Post by John,

8664592530 Please stop calling us

Post by Guest,

866-459-2530 Dragon marketing will not take no as an answer

Post by Guest,

8664592530 Calling repeatedly for several weeks, asking to speak to someone not at home during the day and refusing to leave a message - Asked caller three times to not make further calls during the day -

Post by Caroline,

866-459-2530 No one on notes can help you  You need to contact that company yourself (or block their calls) -  REPORTED - not a good idea to put personal information on an open website -  Use the "" and ask administration to delete your phone number

Post by Ty,

8664592530 Unfortunately - -they will not stop -  I have bought dragon speak last spring and have had them call times now -  I have reported it and printed out my incoming phone list -  I have vonage so they keep track of in coming calls -  I still keep getting calls -  Like minutes and hang ups -

Post by Daphne,

866-459-2530 I told the Nuance people what I do every time they call (asking for another person in the organization, whose gender they didn't even know): "You are welcome to send him information by US mail, but he will not take a call by telephone -"I've told people this for a year; I will continue to tell them this -  The way these companies are set up to do aftermarketing, there's no accountability -  Even if you get one rep to remove the number from their calling list (which they may not even be allowed to do), you're sure to get other reps calling -   The message "do not call, you're screwing up your chance to appear legitimate" is systematically ignored -  There's no quality assurance -  It's a lousy way to do business, that the Nuance company will either wake up and regret down the road, or continue to bury their corporate head in the sand, calling it "collateral damage -"I am in phone sales for a profession -  I know better than to keep calling someone who says no over and over and over and over -   There are too many yesses to go out and find, after you've gotten he no's -  Irritating the no's trying to nauseate them into yesses, leads to disaster -- not sales -  It leads to complaints like the ones on this board -And based on my experience watching another person in our organization get hounded, I will never buy any of their products -  Go ahead, Nuance, keep your head in the sand  I have business to do elsewhere -Hopefully we will have a software upgrade to our phone system soon, that will allow us to simply block this number -

Post by joe whos sorry for buying nu-sance,

8664592530 Well its November st at pm and again these aholes are calling -I wish they would screw off -

Post by Arlene Huck,

866-459-2530 We do NOT want to upgrade our software -  We do NOT want your calls -  We do Not accept blocked, unknown or robo calls -  Blocked calls do not show name number in caller ID, unknown is ANYONE I do not recognize the number, and robo is if I do answer, and there is a delay because of a computer generated call, I HANG UP  PLEASE REMOVE THIS NUMBER FROM YOUR CALL LIST -  I HAVE ASKED YOU BEFORE AND NOW IT WILL BE REPORTED TO THE FCC IF IT DOES NOT STOP

Post by Guest,

8664592530 Nuance Dragon software

Post by Guest,

866-459-2530 Nuance Dragon Software

Post by Barb,

8664592530 These jerks called me from this number after I blocked their OTHER number  (--) -  They're not only desperate, they're thick skulled -  Obviously whoever named the company couldn't spell -  They left the "IS" out of the middle of their name (NUISANCE) -  They're getting reported this time -  People complain that it does no good but the last time I complained about a company, I never heard from them again -  You just have to DOCUMENT every call with the date and time it came in, whether it was a recorded message or a person, if they hung up on you or your answering machine and if you can tell whether it was the autodialer or a person hanging up, and wheter you have tried to be removed from their calling list -  For instance, this time, I heard a person handling the phone as they hung it up, so I documented that -  If you give them what they ask for, they WILL go after them and they do it very quickly -  However, know that if you've ever done business with the company, or if it's political or charity related, they won't usually do anything about it unless you can show harassment (constant calls, rudeness, hang-ups, recorded messages, etc -  Good luck everyone  I'll update you if I have any luck

Post by joe whos sorry for buying nu-sance,

866-459-2530 Well its November st at pm and again these aholes are calling -I wish they would screw off -

Post by Guest,

8664592530 All they do is call and hang up

Post by Benjamin,

866-459-2530 I have to say, I have all the Dragons for the past or versions and they ARE getting better - If you go to www -givedragon -com, you can get two boxes with the CD and headphone included for - - It is a good deal if you use it -

Post by Leon,

8664592530 Yeah, they are trying to sell the latest version of Dragon Naturally speaking - I purchased it about a year ago and they got my phone number - This is the second number they have called me from - Now I have blocked both numbers -Thank goodness for unlimited call blocking -

Post by Steven,

866-459-2530 Nuance? I know Dragon Naturally Speaking is one of Nuance's  Softwares - Actually, it is a pretty good software program - I own and use it (Dragon Naturally Speaking) a few times a week - Number calling me: -- - The answering machine took the call and they didn't leave a message -Others locally who have got the call and picked up, say it is a company working with for - Nuance -

Post by Joe,

8664592530 I had done business with Nuance - I purchased some software through them - However, when I registered the software and did not fill the check box for them to contact me by phone, I thought that MEANT do not call my house - I allowed them to access to email me - Which they do twice a week - But not by phone - They usually only try calling once a week - But this week it was three times - I do use the software and I like it, but I am not buying upgrades to it -Thank you for the information, I called them back and entered my number on their DO NOT CALL list - Hopefully this will end the calls - One note, to those that have caller ID, do what I do, just don't answer phone numbers you do not know -

Post by Guest,

866-459-2530 spam

Post by GrayGhost,

8664592530 They are a persistent bunch -  I have had Dragon since February, but my Windows Home Premium refuses to let it be loaded -

Post by Frank,

866-459-2530 Called left no message - Time for call block -

Post by Guest,

8664592530 Receive a call from this number each day with no voicemail -

Post by Not A Sales Site!,

866-459-2530 Are you one of the A-Holes who annoys everyone with these calls?

Post by ^Ernie^,

8664592530 Looks as though they're calling quite a bit -  I can't imagine why -  

Post by TDPR,

866-459-2530 OK, you're not IDIOTS - ;-)

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