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Tips and tricks check WHO CALLED from 914-227-5803

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  • Protect yourself from scammers and spammers
  • Don’t pick up on an unidentified number
  • Make a note of the unknown number
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Post by Kurt,

9142275803 I am on the DNC list & should be removed

Post by Mike,

914-227-5803 This number should stop calling

Post by joe guest,

9142275803 calls about creidit cards that i do not have please stop

Post by Ronald,

914-227-5803 How do you stop this type of calls?

Post by John,

9142275803 Barb, I also use the air horn - I'm sure it iritates them but what the heck, fair is fair -

Post by carolyn varady,

914-227-5803 These people have called and called -  When you answer the phone they will not talk to you -

Post by AE,

9142275803 When I asked to be removed, she said "Yeah, and I'd like to be the queen of f--king England" and then hung up on me -Only the thing is, the line did not drop and every time she would pick up the phone I was still there -"still here"  "Do you get paid on commission?" "Does it cost you money when your line is tied up?""Ya know if you did not talk like a [***] you *might* sell something""still here" I was called names that would make a sailor blush -  --but it was worth it -

Post by Jerome,

914-227-5803 Didn't answer, I don't answer numbers I don't recognize - Thanks for the heads up -

Post by Andy,

9142275803 It is for "CardMember Services" -  Starts with a robo call and then if you push two it feeds to a boilerroom operation -It's a scam as they refuse to tell you what company they work for but that they work with OVER + different financial institutions - -blah, blah, blah -

Post by robb dogg,

914-227-5803 LOVE IT I'm soo gonna use this next time that is awesome

Post by Dena,

9142275803 This number called my cell phone -  I pressed and asked to get taken off the list and some guy tried hitting on me and was very unprofessional -  He said he needed my home phone number and all my information to take me off of his call list -  I did not give him my information -

Post by Guest,

914-227-5803 it wer a answer machine they said hold on u can get your credit card lower

Post by Roger,

9142275803 Quit Calling - times a day from -  If you want to lower credit card interest rates lower them don't call me -

Post by Alice,

914-227-5803 I heard that you need to add your phone number to the No Call List every once in awhile to renew it -  I don't remember how often, maybe every six months or so -  I get this call two or three times a week, all from a different number -  Every time I look it up, it's the same place -  I don't have an air horn, but I'll dial "" to speak to a live rep, then press a key down on the phone and hold it -  May not be as effective as an air horn, but maybe some day it will wok -

Post by M,

9142275803 I don't answer calls that I cannot identify - -they can leave a message -

Post by Angela,

914-227-5803 I keep getting calls from this number - They don't leave a message -

Post by Buddy,

9142275803 Where do you get your information on their efficacy in vetting and responding to complaints? Or on the pay rates of FCC and FTC employees? Also, are you aware of whether this would come under the authority of federal agencies, state agencies, or both, and how that authority would be divided? All this info is publicly available - If you're throwing around assertions like that, I'd imagine you would know what you were talking about - But if you knew what you were talking about, I'd assume you'd also mention some actual facts (like how much they pay, or what the backlogs look like, if they even exist) or authority (like the fed - and state statutes or regs under which these calls would be regulated), rather than merely conclusory statements -

Post by Janet,

914-227-5803 I believe The Attorney Generals Office in the State you live it would be the best place to report things of this nature -  Google Name of of State such as New York Attorney General and you should find their web page which will give you thier phone number -

Post by Steven & Cheri Rosier,

9142275803 This same caller calls almost daily -  No matter how much and how nice I am, they hang up on me when I try to get off their call list -  HOW CAN THIS STOP???????

Post by Guest,

914-227-5803 They are talking about a credit card i do not own

Post by J. Blue,

9142275803 quit calling me -

Post by Louise,

914-227-5803 Several phone call from this number and some others that call many times a day but do not leave messages -  I do not answer calls from numbers I do not know -  Once I verify that they are scammers I add the to my phone's reject list - -goes right to email without even ringing -  Best way I know to handle these calls -  I am assuming that the other numbers that are doing the same thing are from the same place -  Why can't these unscrupulous people be stopped?

Post by Kenny rose,

9142275803 Always ask the name of their company - they will hangup most the time - or do as I do when they dont hang up - just for kicks degrade them repeatedly - con men hate to be treated like the piece of crap they are - Had one call me back times in a row trying to piss me off - he was so pissed by the time I got done - thought he cry - lmao

Post by pachins,

914-227-5803 Can't anything be done to stop these bogus credit card debt reduction telemarketers?  It's not always from this number -  I don't even own a credit card -  Is there seriously nothing that anyone can do?

Post by Lance Elliott,

9142275803 Taped solicitation to lower debts bills - I pressed # and Zack answered - I requested our number be placedon their "do not call list -" -- : P -M - PST -

Post by Guest,

914-227-5803 They call back instantly twice after I pressed the ignore button -

Post by Gabe,

9142275803 received a call from number stating it was my finale notice to lower my APR on my credit card -  I paid off all credit cards and closed accounts, so I was a bit interested on why I was getting a call from a credit card associate -  The male operator asked, "To whom am I speaking with -"  I replied, "Who are you trying to call?"  The operator stated, "Um have a nice day, and hung up -"  I called the number back and received a voice message stating the caller is unable to receive messages -  Sounds like a scam -

Post by Bill,

914-227-5803 i got a call from this number they said thy are with my bank i asked witch bank they are with and they would not tell me, i asked to talk to a supperviser i talk to a superviser and said witch bank are you from and they would not tell me, i said im going to report you to do not call registery and the said go ahead do what every you want i cant hurt them i asked to talk to his supperviser and said i wiill report you  and the superviser told me to go to hell

Post by Richard,

9142275803 I just gort a call from this number -  Since I knew the area code from other scam callers, it was who I thought it was and did not answer -  The last time I had someone call, I had just found my old police whistle from years ago and was testing it out when the woman answered -  This time I just added them to my block list -  Next time I may find the whistle again -

Post by John H,

914-227-5803 Called and hung up with no message

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